5 Pests That Cause Structural Damage

The unfortunate fact is that all pests cause some type of damage. From rodents to silverfish, most pests damage homes and businesses. That being said, some pests are worse than others. Depending on the type of pests you have, it’s possible that they may cause serious structural damage.

Often times this damage may completely destroy your property, and cost thousands of pounds to repair. Check out our residential pest control for more help. The five worst pests that cause structural damage include the following.


Rodents are some of the biggest culprits when it comes to pests that cause structural damage. Pests like rats must constantly gnaw in order to maintain their teeth. They gnaw on anything which is hard. This includes materials like wood, concrete and even electrical cables. As you can imagine this results in enormous damage. Make sure you know the signs of rodents nesting in houses.

squirrels cause damage

Squirrels are also classed as rodents. These pests damage your roof when scampering across it. They will cause even more damage if they get into your attic. This damage occurs when they build nests. It also occurs when they gnaw on bits of your roof.


Birds are probably some of the biggest pests that cause structural damage. These pests damage your roof by roosting on it and building their nests. They dislodge roofing tiles and some species will also peck at your roof. Another way that birds cause damage is through their faeces and urine. There are lots of pigeon problem solving methods to help with this issue.

pigeon structural damage

Both of these are highly acidic and over time can eat away at even the hardest materials. The final way that birds cause damage is with their feathers. Bird feathers – and also their nests – can block drains and gutters, resulting in thousands of pounds in repairs.


These beetles go through wood like a hot knife through butter. They can live in the foundations of your home for decades before you realise they are there. By the time they finally emerge as adult beetles it’s too late and the damage is done.


When thinking about pests that cause structural damage ants do not immediately come to mind. But the fact is that these pests can burrow through almost any material. For example, carpenter ants dig through wood. While these ants are not often found in the UK, we have heard of cases where they infested homes.

ant nest holes


Anyone who has dealt with moths will know how much damage they cause. These pests feed on fabrics such as wool. When moths get into cupboards they can completely destroy your clothing. Worse than this, moths also damage carpets and upholstery. While this may not specifically count as structural damage, it is damage nonetheless.

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