5 Things That Attract Pests In The Home

Every effect has a cause. This is especially true when it comes to pests. If you have pests in your home, then there is usually a simple reason for this. For example, some of the biggest causes of pest infestation include the following.

Some of the biggest causes of residential pests 

If you have a pest infestation, then it’s probably because of these causes

1. Food

The main reason why pests are attracted into your home is because of food. This cause can take many forms. It may be because your kitchen is dirty. You’re leaving dishes in the sink overnight, or not cleaning up property.

mice on corn

There could be bits of food behind your appliances, or maybe the floor and kitchen counters are covered in crumbs. Another reason could be your rubbish bins. These need to be emptied frequently and should also have lids. Finally, you could be storing food incorrectly. If pests are around your food there’s a strong likelihood they are leaving pest contamination behind.

2. Clutter

For many people one of the chief causes of pest infestation is clutter. The fact is that pests love to hide and breed in large piles of clutter. If your home is filled with piles of rubbish and clutter, then you will eventually get pests. To prevent this, you need to keep a tidy home, and routinely throw out clutter. It also helps to vacuum as often as possible, and regularly wash items such as your bedding.

home clutter

3. Moisture and water

Pests need water to survive and moisture is also one of the causes of pest infestation. This can happen in various ways. Cupboards beneath sinks are often damp, and this will attract things like cockroaches. You may also develop pest issues if your plumbing is leaking. You should also avoid standing bodies of water. Buckets of water left outside for long periods of time are the perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes. You should also avoid leaving things like cups of tea or water lying around the house.

4. Garden debris

The way that pests enter your home is usually via the garden. Most often this is because your garden is a mess. It could be debris or refuse that hasn’t been disposed of, or it could be that your garden is overgrown. A good example of this is when trees and bushes are making contact with your home.

overgrown garden

Pests use these to climb up into your home and these pests will usually cause structural damage. In addition to this they may also enter when piles of wood are stored against your house.

5. Entry points into your home  

Pests also need a route into your home. This happens when you have entry points such as holes and cracks in walls. It also happens when there is some type of gap around doors and windows. These should be sealed up as quickly as possible.

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