5 Worst Summer Pests To Have And Why

There’s nothing worse than Summer pests. The weather gets nice, and suddenly you have to deal with hundreds of biting and stinging insects. We deal with these pests every day of our lives. In our opinion, here are the worst of the worst.

summer pests

The worst Summer pests ranked

1. Wasps

When it comes to summer pests, almost nothing is as bad as wasps. There are several reasons for this. The first is that wasps are highly aggressive. Along with this, unlike bees, they can sting you over and over again. This makes them extremely dangerous. But the biggest issue with pests is their nests. These are seriously difficult to remove. For example, wasps will attack anyone who interferes with their nest. This is why you will almost always need professional help when getting rid of wasps.

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2. Mice

Mice are way more active during the summer. This is simply because they are no longer hiding from the cold in their nests. This also means they are able to breed faster and that more of their offspring survive. Another reason why mice are a bigger issue in summer, is food. After surviving the winter on minimal supplies, these pests are famished and desperately searching for a meal. This is why sightings of mice dramatically increase during the summer.

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3. Cockroaches

Cockroaches thrive in warmer temperatures. These pests evolved in tropical and humid zones. They are perfectly suited for warm weather and love it when the temperature increase. In fact, warm weather acts as a type of incubator for these pests. It enables them to breed at a phenomenal rate whilst hiding in your home. What this means is that you need to be particularly careful of cockroaches during summer. Take every precaution that you can, and do not let these bugs get out of control.

4. Flies

Flies are some of the worst summer pests and are hard to keep out. This is usually because they disturb people who are trying to eat outside. We’ve all had this experience. You’re enjoying an al fresco meal or a BBQ, and suddenly a swarm of flies descends. Even having just one or two buzzing around is disturbing. Not only does this ruin your meal, but flies can also cause serious issues such as food poisoning.

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5. Ants

Ants go into a type of hibernation during winter. They prepare the colony for winter by storing up food. As well as this, they stop moving around as much. When summer arrives, they explode out of the colony in a desperate attempt to find food and will come into your home. From one day to next, you go from zero ants, to a kitchen swarming with them. The best way to deal with this is by keeping your kitchen clean. If these summer pests cannot find food, they may actually leave.

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