6 Toxin Free Methods We Use To Stop Rats

One of the biggest problems people have with pest control if that it uses chemicals. For example, extermination usually involves the use of pesticides and chemicals, which contain toxins. Many people are uncomfortable with this and understandably so.

This is why we also offer toxin-free pest control methods. These are especially useful when it comes to killing rodents. If you want to stop rats (but don’t want to use chemicals) here are some useful tools:

1. Drain flaps

Drain rat flaps are basically stainless steel covers that go over drains and fit inside pipes. They have a special hinge that allows water to flow out, but prevents active rodents and rats from going up the pipe. These rat flaps are extremely effective if you want to keep rats out of drains and pipes.

drain with rat

2. Humane traps

Most traps kill the animal, but this isn’t always necessary and there are safe traps. For example, you also have what are known as live capture traps. These are basically traps that lure the rat with bait and then trap it inside an enclosure. This way the rat can be released back into nature and away from your home.

3. Rodent mesh

Rodent mesh is basically a type of thick material made from stainless steel fibres. This material can be used to fill holes and cracks and stop rats from entering your home. What’s great about this material is that it’s made from stainless steel and is rust proof. This means that rats are unlikely to eat through the mesh.


4. Rat mats

Rat mats are mostly used to keep rats away from cars. These are basically mats that have a low electrical current flowing through them. When the rat attempts to cross the mat, it receives a nasty electrical shock and is deterred. These mats are also useful for keeping rats out of your home. You can place them across entrance ways, and this will stop rats.

5. Cat smells

Cats have been used to deter rats for thousands of years. Over time rats have developed a fear of cats and will keep away from any area where they are present. One of the reasons why rats stay away is because of their heightened sense of smell and cats can tell the signs of rats. This means they can detect that a cat is nearby. Cats also mark their territory by rubbing up against things and this leaves their smell behind. You can even buy products with cat smells, to keep away rodents.

cat smells

6. Blocking up gaps

This is by far the easiest way to keep rats out. Simply do an inspection of your house and close up any gaps or holes. Remember, prevention is always better than cure.

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