7 Problems When Mice Invade Your Business

What happens when mice invade your business? For many business owners this can be a complete disaster. The reason why is because mice can cause significant damage to your business (amongst other problems.) Below are listed some of the key problems caused.

mice in london business

Why it’s bad when mice invade

1. They destroy packaging

If mice invade, you could end up with torn product packaging. This happens because mice are looking for nest building materials. They favour things like paper and cardboard. As you know, it’s extremely difficult (or even impossible) to sell an item with damaged packaging. This means that mice could potentially cause 1000‘s of pounds in damages for your Essex or East London business in pest costs for your business.

2. They damage goods

When mice invade, they also gnaw on things. This can literally include anything and everything. You may end up with bite marks on products you’re trying to sell. Mice can also damage equipment. Something they love chewing on are electrical cables. This can result in expensive damage to things like computers which is why you need regular pest control in pubs and other businesses.

3. They eat food

This becomes an even bigger problem for people selling food. If mice invade your food shop, restaurant, or café, then you could be in massive trouble. These pests go berserk when they have access to large amounts of food. The food is then contaminated. They breed exponentially and this can cause a nightmare for business owners.


4. They leave behind faeces and urine

Mice that are eating will then defecate and urinate. They do this almost constantly. In fact, mice can defecate up to a dozen times per day. This will eventually accumulate and cause a massive headache for business owners and why you need pest control for retail premises.

5. They make a mess

Mice are exceptionally messy animals. The biggest thing here is their urination and defecation. Someone will have to clean this up. They also make a mess when feeding and looking for nest materials. The more mice there are, the bigger this mess becomes.

6. They deter and scare customers

Very few people enjoy the sight of mice. If you have mice in your business, then this will definitely put off shoppers. Most will probably immediately leave the store. These people may also be put off from coming back. This is especially true if you’re someone who sells food. After all, would you buy food from a place where you saw mice? Probably not.


7. You could get into trouble with the health authorities

This leads us to the final point, which is the health authorities. Pest issues could get your business shut down. Believe us, members of the public love reporting business like restaurants and cafes. This could result in inspections and massive fines. Your business may even be shut down for a period. Ultimately, it’s best to handle your mouse problem and avoid all this. Call pest control for good solutions.

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