7 Signs of Fleas In Your Home

The biggest problem with fleas is that they are virtually invisible. This makes it very difficult to determine if you’re infested with fleas. What you need to do instead is look for the signs of fleas to stop them from spreading diseases. This article will give you some idea of how to do that.

itchy bites

1. Pets are scratching

One of the easiest ways to spot fleas is by watching your pets For example, one of the best signs of fleas is that your pets are scratching. Also pay attention to where your pet is scratching. Fleas usually live around the groin, belly, or legs. If you pet scratches those areas, you may have fleas.

2. Black and white flecks in pets’ coats

Your pet may also have black and white flecks on their coat. These flecks are caused by “flea dirt.” This is basically the fleas feaces. You may not always spot these flecks. What you should do is go through your pet’s fur with a comb. This will allow you to get a closer look and spot the flecks.

3. Loss of fur

Another definite sign of fleas on your pets, is hair loss. Flea bites itch and this is why your pets scratch them. Over time this irritates the skin, which causes hair to fall out. Look for hair loss around the neck and tail area.

pet scratching

4. Scratchy red bites

Flea bites on humans usually appear in a cluster. They may also be found in straight lines. These bites are small and red. They do not quickly disappear like mosquito bites. Fleas can bite every area of your body, but will mostly target your ankles. This is because they are close to the ground. If you have bites on your ankles, then there’s a good chance that you have fleas and you should get 24 hour pest control.

5. You can actually see fleas

When the infestation grows large enough, you may spot them jumping around your carpet. Fleas prefer to move around when no one is about, so pay attention when you’re entering a room.

6. Visitors complain

Visitors can also provide signs of fleas i.e. are visitors complaining that something is biting them? In many cases you may be used to the fleas, or maybe you’ve just stopped noticing them. On the other hand, visitors will quickly notice that they are being bitten and you need to call in pest control services.

pet fur

7. Flea dirt around home

Like all pests, fleas also defecate. These faeces are dark brown and very small, usually the size of a grain of coffee. When you have a large number of fleas, this will quickly accumulate and become noticeable. This dirt is most easily spotted on your carpets and along walls.

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