Are Pest Maintenance Contracts A Good Idea?

It’s always recommended by local authorities and councils that a business should have a pest maintenance contract. This is especially true for food businesses. In reality we’re never far away from pests. And they will find any way they can to infest our properties.

Pest maintenance contracts aren’t just limited to food businesses. Any business can benefit from a pest maintenance contract. In this post, we’re looking at why pest maintenance is a good idea for any Essex based business.

What Businesses Benefit From Pest Maintenance Contracts?

Food services, healthcare and warehouses are the businesses we think of benefiting from a pest maintenance contract. Pests can carry a lot of different diseases, so it’s absolutely essential that your business is protecting your customers against this. Pests coming into contact with food, medical centres and schools is a huge no-no.

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The truth is though, that all businesses can benefit from a pest maintenance contract. Any properties that have a water source, refuse area or store supplies of any mind should invest in a contract. This applies to offices, shops and hotels as well as restaurants and pubs.

Having a pest control contract in place means that expert technicians will visit your business premises regularly. They will check for signs of pests. They will install the proper precautions to stop infestations. This means your business is always safeguarded against all pests – all of the time.

Pest Maintenance Contracts Are Cost Effective

If you experience a lot of infestations on your property, it can become very costly. With a contract in place, you have professionals there to help when you need it for a fraction of the price. As part of a pest control contract, an exterminator is sent out to handle the infestation before it gets out of hand.

Protects Your Reputation

Pest prevention is something that should happen within your business every day. If not, your public image could be at stake. Having a pest infestation can be something a business never recovers from. Even if the problem is taken care of.

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Social media and review sites spread the news like wildfire. Your business will be reliant on word of mouth and these online sites to get more custom. Seeing negative reviews about pest problems is enough to put any potential customer off for life. It may also see existing customers defect to your competitors.

Keeps You Fully Compliant

A business must be fully compliant with UK health and safety laws. Authorities will come down hard on any business that isn’t maintaining a pest free working environment. This could result in fines and legal costs for court proceedings. In the worst case scenario, the local authority can shut your establishment down if the infestation is bad enough. This will severely harm your productivity and profits as well as your reputation.

Better Property Maintenance

Keeping your property maintained can be a chore. But, with the help of a contracted professional pest controller, you always have access to their advice. This could be advice on pest prevention.

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This could also be advice on repairs you should be doing to stop infestations on the property. A professiinal company like Pest Exterminators Essex are experts on a full range of pests, so you are in good hands.

Saves Time And Resources

Without a pest control contract in place you may be relying on staff and other resources to carry out pest inspections. These inspections won’t be as thorough as one done by a professional. With a contractual agreement, your staff are free to focus on their job. And leave the pest control to the experts. This can boost the overall productivity of your business.

Constant Surveillance

Pest control is necessary for any workplace, especially when handling food on the premises. With a maintenance contract you have someone like Pest Exterminators Essex on hand 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We monitor your property for outbreaks of insects or rodents. This is especially handy when you experience regular pest infestations.

Pest Control Tailored To You

With a maintenance contract you can book in a consultation with our pest technicians on a regular basis.

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They can then assess how well your current pest control methods are working. This allows them to tweak and fine tune any pest treatments to suit your specific needs.

Catching Infestations Early

If you have a contract in place, you will have more frequent contact with your chosen pest control company. This means you’ll be able to get in touch with us right away to deal with a minor infestation. Minor infestations can become out of hand quickly, making a contract a good idea.

It’s Best For Your Business

By having strong pest maintenance in place in your Essex business, you will be more trusted in the community. Clients and customers know that your premises are hygienic, and are much more likely to give you repeat custom. Contact us today to discuss how a pest contract could be a big benefit for your business, improving profits and keeping customers happy.

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