Autumn Pests: What To Look Out For

Autumn is a wonderful time of the year as the leaves start to change and we start to celebrate. Cool colours, fun holidays, and school aside, there is more to the change of season. The type of pests you start to see changes. What pests should you look out for in Autumn?

autumn pests foliage


As the weather turns to the colder months, mice start to look for warmer places to stay. They will often abandon their nests for manmade structures that they can gain access to. Once inside they will create new nests and make it home. Rats will do the same in areas that have rat problems.


Wasps are annoying pests that buzz around. Most people believe that wasps die off during the start of winter. For the most part they do. The females that are to be queen wasps don’t though. The future queens will seek out warm and safe areas that they can stay in for the winter. These female wasps will create a home for themselves in places like attics, that are warm but free of a regular human presence.

wasps in autumn

Some wasp species have been known to make their hives in houses, creating further problems for homeowners.


Fleas can be a big autumn pest. As people and animals start to spend more time inside, the hungry fleas start to bite. This is especially true if your pets spend a lot of time outside during the summer. If they do, the fleas grow hungrier without constant access to their food source. Autumn is one of the most common times to start seeing fleas.

Flies, Cockroaches, and Spiders

Flies, cockroaches, and similar pests can become a big problem for homeowners during autumn. Cockroaches particularly can cause allergies. As the weather starts to get colder, the creepy crawlies look for warmth. That includes inside homes if they can find a way in, and they often do.

autumn creepy crawlies

Such pests can become a big problem if not controlled right away. All of these little critters multiple quickly and can turn into an infestation.

Bed Bugs

Autumn is a big time for bedbug infestations to increase. Bed bugs are one of the most pesky hitchhikers when it comes to autumn pests. They will hang onto clothes, bags, any kind of fabric. Bedbugs want to stay close to humans as they feed on us. As kids start to go back to school, these pests start to transfer amongst them. We will treat bed bugs using  heat treatment.

The best way to prevent these autumn pests from becoming a problem is to prepare your house for the colder weather. Make sure any entry points are sealed and anything that might attract pests is removed. Even better, pest proofing your home with a professional pest control company will ensure your home is free of any of these trouble causers.

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