Avoid A Pest Nightmare Before Christmas

Christmas Day is probably one of the most magical days of the year – especially if you have children. Unfortunately, there is so much that can go wrong on this day. From cooking disasters, to the weather, or even problems with your in-laws. What people also don’t think about is the possibility of a pest nightmare. Here are a few of the way that pests can completely ruin Christmas.

christmas presents

Don’t let your children be disappointed! 

There are several ways in which a residential pest nightmare can occur. Picture this: your children wake up excited to open up their Christmas presents. They go downstairs only to discover their parcels ripped apart and strewn across the floor. While this may sound a bit far-fetched, it’s always a possibility. Not only that, if it does happen, this will put a major dampener on your Christmas morning.

You see, presents are cat nip for pests like rodents. These creatures love soft materials like paper and cardboard that they use to build their nests. They may also go after the presents themselves. If you’ve given clothing, there’s a good chance that rodents will nibble holes in it. What’s more, rodents may also go after valuable electronics.

christmas stocking

Remember, these pests love to chew on electrical cables, and this can destroy electronic gadgets. Many people also love to stuff stockings with sweets, chocolates, and nuts. Once again these are highly attractive to rats and mice. Another point to consider is your Christmas tree. Live trees come from outdoors and are likely to have insects living in them. These insects are not designed to be indoors.

Keep Christmas food safe from pests!

If this wasn’t bad enough, a pest nightmare can also ruin Christmas lunch. Many people like to do their cooking the day before. While this can be a handy way to save time, this food can also attract a wide variety of pests. The likelihood of this will increase if you neglect to clean up after cooking. Also, when this food is later severed to friends and family it can cause illness or food poisoning. Pests may also break into Christmas food you have stored in your pantry.

christmas food

The best way to avoid a pest nightmare is to pest proof your home before Christmas and use a good pest control company. In fact, you’ll want to keep your home free of pests in general. As for your Christmas tree you don’t have to have a live one, but if you do there are some measures you can take. Make sure to leave it outside or in the garage for several days. Also shake the tree thoroughly before bringing it inside. Doing this should help to cut down on the amount of pests in the tree.

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