Beneficial Insects We Don’t Exterminate

The primary job of a pest controller is to remove insects which humans find harmful. But what many people don’t realise is that not all insects are hazardous to humans. In fact, there are many beneficial insects which we do not exterminate, even with environmentally friendly pest control methods.

bee on flower

Beneficial insects which should not be removed

The foremost of these beneficial insects are bees. These insects are an integral part of the ecosystem, even when they disappear for the winter. They are also necessary for humans to survive. We needs bees because of their function as pollinators, and these insects should never be harmed, or interfered with. Crops which are pollinated by bees have greatly increased yields. These insects also produce wax, which is used in candles, beauty products, and furniture. Scientists are also discovering ways to use beeswax and honey in the treatment of serious diseases such as MS.

Unfortunately, bee populations are in a decline world-wide. Due to issues like pollution, insecticides, and encroachment on their habitats, these insects are struggling to survive. One good side effect of the coronavirus pandemic is that it has allowed bees to bounce back.

wildflowers for bees

Because of things like lockdown, pollution levels have dropped. Wildflowers are also recovering and this has benefitted bees. Along with bees you have bumblebees, which also have benefits for humans.

If you do have issues with bees in your home or garden the person to call isn’t an exterminator. Instead, call your local beekeeper. They should be more than happy to take these insects off your hands.

Other beneficial insects include ladybirds. These insects are useful because they feed almost entirely on aphids. These bugs can be enormously destructive to your garden and for market gardeners, which is why ladybirds are always a welcome sight.

ladybird beneficial

What role can you play to help?

If you see these beneficial insects in your garden then the best thing to do is leave them alone. What you should actually do is encourage them, as this will have tremendous benefits for the plants in your garden. The way to do this is by planting things which will attract these insects. In the case of bees you can plant pollen rich flowers like sunflowers, foxgloves, and lavender. Ladybirds are attracted by things like yarrow, tansy, cinquefoil, fennel, carpet bugleweed, and yarrow.

Something else you should avoid doing, is using large amounts of pesticides or insecticides in your garden. This causes significant harm to these insects. Instead, try to use natural alternatives to pesticides or get a free pest inspection to see if any problems can be resolved without chemicals.

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