Bird Control Essex: Solutions To Pigeon Problems

People in Essex often find themselves wondering how they can get rid of nuisance pigeons. It is something we get asked about all the time, so we thought we would put together our top tips to help you find the right solution to your pigeon problems.

The biggest issue with pigeons in the county is their droppings. Without proper bird control Essex residents can experience some difficult issues. These include the damage pigeons do to their buildings. This is primarily due to the corrosive acidity of pigeon faeces.

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Pigeon droppings can also be toxic for human health because they contain disease transmitting material. Having the right bird control ensures that Essex residents are protected from some of the serious illnesses spread this way.

Another reason why bird control Essex is so important is the noise they create. Having a lot of vermin feral pigeons flying around your property can become very disruptive. Their endless cooing can disturb sleep, and make it hard to concentrate on work in your business premises. If this is the case, bird control is definitely what’s needed.

What’s Attracting The Pigeons?

Without proper bird control Essex homeowners may find themselves with pigeons nesting on their property. Pigeons will hunt for the perfect place to nest. Somewhere that is warm, dry and safe is what they are after. And your building could be the perfect nesting site.

Pigeons will be attracted to food and water sources. When you own a commercial food business it’s easy to let rubbish get out of control. Customers come and go all day, and it soon mounts up.

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This is especially true for those in the food and hospitality industries. If food scraps are being dropped on your property regularly, pigeons will soon cotton that there’s an open food source for them at all times.   

Reducing the amount of food sources around your residential property will also help get rid of the negative effects that come along with pigeons. Clearing away pet food outside can help too. When you own a home, avoid leaving out seeds for other wildlife as this will attract pigeons to your garden.

Expert Solutions For Pigeon Control

Now you know what might be attracting pigeons to your home or business, it’s time to find out the solution to those bird control Essex problems. Here are some of the methods we use or recommend.

  • Decoy deterrents – Scarecrows have been used for hundreds of years to scare birds away, and with good reason. Because they are effective. Birds have a very special type of vision that is similar to us looking through binoculars. They can only focus on one thing at a time. So, when you place a decoy deterrent such as a model of an owl or hawk, pigeons are easily scared away by it. Once they think a predator is present around your property, they won’t want to return.
falcon statue in essec garden
  • Spikes and netting – One of the most popular is pigeon spikes. These prevent pigeons from landing on walls and fences. Other solutions include anti-roost wires and pigeon netting. Both of these are effective and humane pigeon control options.
  • Audible deterrents – Pigeons have highly sensitive hearing. Using an ultrasonic audio repellent is very effective for scaring them away. It emits frequencies that we can’t hear, but which are very distressing to a pigeon. Once they hear this noise, it will alarm the pest pigeons, causing them to fly away.
  • Sticky gel repellent – This works by sticking to the birds‘ feet when they come into contact with it. The clear gel can be placed wherever pigeons frequent the most. It’s not the actual stickiness of the gel that repels the pigeons. It‘s the smell that gets to them.

Bird Control Essex Keeps Pigeons Away

Bird pest control is something that requires maintenance if it is to be effective. Pigeons are a pest that will keep returning if not handled properly. If you start out in a pigeon pest control routine and then give up, the pigeons will return quickly.

Taking the tips mentioned above and combining them into a pigeon control plan will help you solve your problem. There are plenty of options that a professional pest controller like Pest Exterminators Essex can install on your property to get rid of pigeons.

To make sure they stay away, invest in a speedy, affordable and professionally efficient pigeon control service from Pest Exterminators Essex. If you’re based in Essex and need pigeon problem solutions, get in touch with us today.

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