Damage From Silverfish In The House


Silverfish are interesting pests and one that many people do not often encounter. For example, did you know that these insects are millions of years old? They have actually been around since the days of the dinosaurs and first evolved about 400 million years ago. This makes them one of the most primitive insects, even more primitive than cockroaches. But here’s the real question, and they dangerous and can silverfish in the house cause damage?

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What Happens At A Pest Control Survey?

pest control plan

What exactly is a pest control survey and do you need one? The subject of pest control is enormously complex. Thousands of words could be written about pest control methods, extermination and other parts of this industry. But what you ultimately have to realise is that it all starts with one simple thing. Basically, before pests can be exterminated or dealt with, they must be found.

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4 Laws That Regulate Pest Control

laws that regulate pest control

Many people are deeply concerned about being safe when it comes to the implementation of pest control. The reason for this is simple. The pest control industry uses a wide cross section of extremely dangerous and hazardous poisons. As you can imagine, these can seriously impact your health.

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Where Do Cockroaches Hide In Homes?

Cleaning up a cockroach

Cockroaches can be the bane of existence for any homeowner. This is because they are not only are irritating, but also extremely difficult to get rid of. What makes cockroaches so difficult to remove is that they are extremely good at hiding.  

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Keeping Spring Ants Out Of The Kitchen

keeping spring ants out of the kitchen

Ants are small, but they are one of the most common pests. Also, some people find them one of the most annoying. They invade your home or business and won’t go away, especially in the spring. Oftentimes you try deterrents and do a basic cleaning, to no avail. The best option for dealing with ants is to prevent them from coming in in the first place. Luckly, when it comes to spring ants in the kitchen, you have winter to prepare.

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How Does Pest Control Deal With Flies?

fly in a london restaurant

Having pests can be quite annoying. With COVID restrictions lessening, Summer coming and restaurants opening, no one wants to have flies. Getting rid of fly problems both indoors and out is important. Many DIY fly options do not work and those that do only work if the conditions are right. That leaves a lot of people wondering how pest control experts deal with flies. Have a look at some of the secrets.

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Important Of Pest Control In Hospitals

medical equipment

Pest control in hospitals is paramount. Nothing is more important that keeping the place clean and stopping the spread of disease. As well as disinfecting, it’s also critical that hospitals are kept free of all pests. The reason why should be obvious: pests spread diseases, and can make people who are ill, even more ill. But what many people don’t understand is that removing pests from hospitals can be particularly challenging. There are several reasons for this as you are about to see.

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Common Garage Bugs And Rodents

cluttered garage

Pests are generally thought of as something which afflicts the home. When you have pests they usually live in your kitchen, bathroom, lounge, or another part of the home. But what most people don’t realise is that pests can also infest your garage.

It’s easy to see why. Most people do not spend much time in their garage. This is great for pests because they prefer to avoid humans. Many garages are also stuffed with clutter, and this provides the perfect hiding place for them.

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Warmer Weather Brings Spring Insects

flies and bins

Spring has sprung and this means you’ll soon see an increase in spring insects. This can be extremely irritating, but how should homeowners handle these insects? Spring insects mostly include the following pests:

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6 Pest Control Challenges For Residential Property

residential pests

There are literally hundreds of different types of properties. These range from things like enormous mansions and houses, to different types of flats, and also bungalows and bedsits. Because each of these are different, they each present a unique challenge for pest control professionals.

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