Top Pub Pests and How We Manage Them


Pubs are not immune to pests. In fact, it’s still possible to get pests, even if your pub doesn’t serve food. These pub pests are attracted to the shelter and warmth that you find inside of pubs. The smell of things like beer is also highly attractive, and so is liquid spillage. Yes, it might sound strange, but pests enjoy drinking as much as we do. But what should you know about this, and how do you prevent these pests from attacking your pub?

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5 Key Signs That You Have Hidden Cockroaches

hidden cockroaches

Hidden cockroaches can be a major problem for homeowners. You see, the issue with these pests is that they are often completely invisible. This is because cockroaches are extremely good at hiding away and also because they mostly come out at night.

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Ways Pest Contracts Save You Time and Money

time and money

Are pest contracts something that business owners should invest in? The issue is that many businesses must constantly deal with pests. For example, if you’re in the food business, then things like rats and cockroaches are a huge nuisance. Yes, dealing with these pests is a major hassle, but there is a way to make things simpler.

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Should You Call Your Landlord If You Have Mice?

call landlord mice

Is it a good idea to call your landlord if you have mice? Most people naturally assume that this is the best course of action. After all, isn’t taking care of mice the landlord’s problem? Unfortunately, it’s not as cut and dry as that. Here’s what you need to know about the situation. These are the things to consider before calling the landlord about mice.

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Will Mild Weather Bring Early Insect Infestations?


It seems as if the weather is becoming more and more unusual. For example, in the UK, we’ve been experiencing and oddly mild winter. These warm temperatures can affect many things, one of them being insects. Yes, due to this, there’s a far greater chance of early insect infestations. But what do you need to know about this and how can it affect you?  

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Bed Bug Control Scams In Recent News

bed bug scams

Bed bug control scams are a lot more common than you might think. Unfortunately, this industry attracts more than its fair share of scam artists. The reason why is simple. Conmen prey on people’s desperation. They know that some of us will do anything to get rid of these pests. This means that we will often fall for the most outrageous lies and scams. Here are some stories of bed bug scams doing the rounds today.

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Why Decluttering Is Important For Pest Prevention

pest prevention

Decluttering is one of the best methods for pest prevention. Removing the clutter from your home can go a long way to keeping a pest free home. if you want to prevent or remove pests from your home, here’s why you should declutter first.

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How Food Safety Regulations Apply To Pests

restaurant kitchen

Food safety regulations are extremely important. The survival of your business depends on it. If you’re selling food that isn’t safe, then you could be in big trouble. But how do these regulations apply to pests and what should you know about this stuff?

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Can A Neighbour’s Bed Bugs Come Through?

neighbours bed bugs

Bed bugs are commonly picked up from travelling. You can also get them from public spaces and transport. Even more alarming, it’s possible to pick them up from your neighbours. Yes, believe it or not, this does actually happen. But what should you do if the neighbour’s bed bugs are coming through into your home?

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Do Clothes And Carpet Moths Die Off In Winter?

heat treatment for moths

If you’re dealing with clothes moths and carpet moths, then we feel your pain. These pests can cause monumental damage to clothing, carpets, rugs and other items natural fibres. At this point (now that winter is on the way) you’re probably hoping and praying that they go away and that the cold affects pests.

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