Bird Control Essex: Solutions To Pigeon Problems

pigeon spikes

People in Essex often find themselves wondering how they can get rid of nuisance pigeons. It is something we get asked about all the time, so we thought we would put together our top tips to help you find the right solution to your pigeon problems.

The biggest issue with pigeons in the county is their droppings. Without proper bird control Essex residents can experience some difficult issues. These include the damage pigeons do to their buildings. This is primarily due to the corrosive acidity of pigeon faeces.

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Our Expert Mouse Control Essex Services & Solutions

mice breed fast

If you have found the presence of mice in your home, it can be very stressful. If you have actually spotted one of the crafty creatures with your own two eyes, even more so.  Although they make for cute cartoon and movie characters, mice carry and spread diseases while searching for shelter and food. As a result, they pose health risks. Especially around areas where food is stored, like kitchens and larders. This is where our expert mouse control Essex comes in. The best solution is to invest in high-quality mouse control, such as the Essex focused services offered by Pest Exterminators Essex.

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Tips for Choosing the Best Pest Control Companies in Essex

essex map

If you have a problem with pests and want a solution that will last, you will probably be looking at pest control companies in Essex. If you’ve ever typed the phrase pest companies in Essex into Google, you may be surprised at how many businesses there are in operation right now.

In fact, type in the words pest control companies and any location, and you will have search results displaying a multitude of businesses.

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Feral Pigeons: Are Pigeons Vermin?

why are pigeons vermin

Over the years, our relationship with pigeons has changed considerably. In the UK alone, there are around 18 million feral and wood pigeons. Whenever we visit the park, city or town centre there always seems to be a group of pigeons clustered around the bins and cafes. They tend to hang around these places because of the readily available food sources. Herein lies the problem. We wouldn’t let other pests roam the streets freely – so why are pigeons allowed to? Are pigeons vermin and shouldn’t they be controlled?

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Are Pest Maintenance Contracts A Good Idea?

pest maintenance in essex

It’s always recommended by local authorities and councils that a business should have a pest maintenance contract. This is especially true for food businesses. In reality we’re never far away from pests. And they will find any way they can to infest our properties.

Pest maintenance contracts aren’t just limited to food businesses. Any business can benefit from a pest maintenance contract. In this post, we’re looking at why pest maintenance is a good idea for any Essex based business.

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