Avoid A Pest Nightmare Before Christmas

christmas presents

Christmas Day is probably one of the most magical days of the year – especially if you have children. Unfortunately, there is so much that can go wrong on this day. From cooking disasters, to the weather, or even problems with your in-laws. What people also don’t think about is the possibility of a pest nightmare. Here are a few of the way that pests can completely ruin Christmas.

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Why Get Regular Pest Control For Pubs?

pub cellar

Pest control is vitally important for almost all hospitality and retail businesses. This is especially true if you run a pub. The reason why pest control for pubs is so important is simple: many pubs serve food. As you may know, pests are primarily attracted to food, making pest control a necessity for pubs. Along with this there are several other reasons why your pub should implement a programme of pest control.

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How The Cold Affects Pests

cold autumn

Here’s a question we’re often asked: do pests hibernate? The answer is yes and no. You see, pests do not go into hibernation in the way that animals do. That being said, they do change their patterns of behaviour when temperatures drop. Cold affects pests in the following ways.

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Signs Your Hotel Has Bed Bugs

hotel has bed bugs

The overwhelming majority of people who get bed bugs pick them up from hotel rooms. You might think that it’s only cheap hotels that have these bugs, but this isn’t actually true. Even the most expensive five star resorts have bed bug problems. But how do you know if your hotel has bed bugs? More specifically, what can you do about this?

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Possible Signs You Have Woodworm

signs you have woodworm

Woodworm are basically the larvae of wood-boring beetles. These are commonly found in the UK and cause enormous amounts of damage to homes. The reason why is simple. Like termites, these pests feed on wood. This means they can damage any wooden structure you have in your home.

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Pest Control for Retail Premises

pest control for retail

Does your retail business need pest control? It’s not something that non-food related retail businesses often think about. This is usually businesses that do not serve food attract fewer pests. Unfortunately, pest control for retail is just as important as it is for any other business. Here are a few of the reasons why your  business may need pest control.

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Moth Fumigation vs. Heat Treatment

moth heat treatment

When removing moths, you have a variety of options. These include things like spraying poisons, heat treatments and also moth fumigation. Pest exterminators either use fumigation or heat treatment. But which of these options is the best for your unique situation? 

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What Makes A Good Pest Company?

In this post, we are going to look at how using Essex environmental pest control services can help with all the different pest infestations we deal with regularly.

Looking for a good pest company? If the answer is yes, then you may have asked yourself this: what actually makes a good pest company? To answer this question here are a few things to keep in mind when searching for an exterminator.

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Keep Flies Out When Doors Or Windows Are Open

open windows

Flies can often become a problem, especially during summer. This is very true in the case of people who run restaurants and other eating establishments. But what can you do about this? How can you keep flies out and protect yourself from the harmful diseases they carry?

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Why We Are BPCA Members

bpca logo

Like most top-class tradesmen, we are members of a various associations. This includes the National Pest Technicians Association (NPTA), and we are also BPCA members (British Pest Control Association).

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