Winter Insects UK: Where Do They Go?

winter insects uk

You’ve probably noticed that insects are far more prevalent during the warmer months. In fact, during winter some insects seem to disappear completely. But have these winter insects UK really left? And if they haven’t left then where have they gone?

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5 Pests That Cause Structural Damage

squirrels cause damage

The unfortunate fact is that all pests cause some type of damage. From rodents to silverfish, most pests damage homes and businesses. That being said, some pests are worse than others. Depending on the type of pests you have, it’s possible that they may cause serious structural damage.

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The 8 Main Causes of Pest Infestation

food waste

Why do you have pests? There are dozens of causes of a residential pest infestation. In this article we’re going to go over 8 of the main reasons why pests invade your property. 

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Is Lockdown Encouraging Household Pests?

free pest inspection

At this point the UK has now suffered through several months of lockdowns. Many businesses are closed and the public has been forced to stay at home. This has had many unintended consequences.

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Pest Control Professionals Support Property Agents

pest control professionals

If you’re a property agent then you’ll know how difficult it is to sell, rent or maintain homes. There are a million factors which determine whether or not someone buys or rents your property. One of these are pests. You might not realise it right now, but pest control professionals have a great deal to offer you.

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Preventing Bed Bugs In Your Hotel Business

hotel room door

If you own or manage a hotel then preventing bed bugs is one of your most important tasks. As you probably already know, guests who are bitten by bed bugs are extremely irate. They will complain or even refuse to pay. They may also damage your reputation by telling other guests about your bugs.

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Pet Diseases That Are Spread By Fleas And Ticks

pets tick

Just like humans, pets are also affected by pests. When it comes to cats and dogs, the primary pest irritants are fleas and ticks. These pests can have a serious effect on your pets. This is not only to their general well-being. Pests can also spread diseases to your pets which cause enormous discomfort. In some cases these diseases may even be fatal.

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Your Guide To Pest Prevention At Home

keep kitchen clean

Almost nothing is worse than having pests in your home. Whether it’s cockroaches, ants or rats, these creatures make your skin crawl. But how do you prevent them? In this guide to pest prevention we share our most effective tips for doing this, especially with autumn approaching.

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Are Pest Control Contracts Worth It?

contract for business

Are pest control contracts worth it? In general, the answer is yes. Pest control contracts can benefit almost all business and come with a number of advantages. Are pest control contracts worth it? Yes! The reason why is because, when you take out a contract, it means that ongoing maintenance is performed.

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Do Squirrels Nest In Houses?

squirrel with nut

Do squirrels nest in houses? Unfortunately yes, these pests LOVE building their nests in your home and will invade if given half the chance. In fact, this is seen as a given in the pest control industry. Once squirrels overrun your garden it is only a matter of time until they come inside.

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