Essential Tips For Avoiding A Fly Infestation

fly infestation

There’s nothing more vile than a fly infestation. These hideous pests crawl over food leaving behind bacteria, viruses and germs. They also lay eggs which hatch into horrible maggots that spill out of your kitchen bin or dustbin.

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Why Have I Got So Many Moths In My House?

moths in essex house

Moths in the house are a pest that often go unnoticed. This is mostly because they hide in clothing that is stored in cupboards. This makes them extremely difficult to spot, even if you open those cupboards. Even worse, when you finally do this, you might find yourself being confronted with dozens of these pests.

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How Can AI Be Used For Pest Control?

ai pest technology

AI has hit the news in a big way. Over the last six months we’ve seen countless stories about AI and artificial intelligence platforms. But while this is all very well, what does it mean for the pest control industry? Is it possible to use AI for pest control, and what do you need to know about this?

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How To Keep Flies Out But Let Air In

keep flies out for good

Flies can become a complete misery for home and business owners. This is especially true during summer, when these pests are most prevalent. Another problem is that you often have to block entrance points to keep flies out. For example, windows and doors. This means you have to sit in a hot stuffy room, with no air flowing in. But is there a way to keep these pests out while allowing air in at the same time?

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Signs You Should Get Pest Control For Ants

ants eating

Is it time to get pest control for ants? You see, ants are not especially well-known for causing problems. What we mean is, these pests do not spread diseases, or damage property. They are mostly a nuisance. This is why people generally ignore these pests. For example, if you see an ant in your kitchen, it generally isn’t cause for concern. That being said, this is not always a good idea.

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Do Mice Move Back Outdoors In Springtime?

mice move outdoors

You may have wondered if it’s possible for mice to leave your home? What we mean is, is there a chance that mice will go away, especially if it’s warmer? The answer is yes and no. Once mice invade a home, they very rarely leave. That being said, there are times when mice move outdoors again.

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Which Methods Are Most Effective To Stop Ants?

ants in spring

For most people, ants are relatively harmless. They do not disturb your peace of mind like bed bugs, cockroaches or rodents. In fact, most people simply ignore these pests. That being said, they can become a nuisance. For example, if your kitchen is covered in ants, then it can actually become irritating. At this point you’ll want to get rid of these pests. Read More

Do Rats Live In Drains & How To Stop Them

drain rat

Rats are often extremely difficult to get rid of. One of the reasons for this is because they are highly skilled at hiding from humans. For example, many rats live in drains and sewers. This makes them extremely difficult to get to and exterminate. But is there a way to stop rats and prevent them from living in drains? As it turns out, this is actually quite simple.

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Does Using Animal Statues Deter Pests?

animal statues deter pests

Can animal statues deter pests? Many animals, such as birds, foxes, and squirrels can quickly turn into pests. These pests can then destroy your home and garden. Not only that… they are extremely difficult to get rid of. But what can you do about this, and is there a way to get rid of these pests?

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What Are Signs Of Pests In The Office?

office pests in essex

There are two places where pests are most often found. First, they occur in residential homes. Second, they are found in businesses which deal with food. This includes things like restaurants, cafes, pubs, and takeaways. They are also found in food processing plants and warehouses.

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