Feral Pigeons: Are Pigeons Vermin?

why are pigeons vermin

Over the years, our relationship with pigeons has changed considerably. In the UK alone, there are around 18 million feral and wood pigeons. Whenever we visit the park, city or town centre there always seems to be a group of pigeons clustered around the bins and cafes. They tend to hang around these places because of the readily available food sources. Herein lies the problem. We wouldn’t let other pests roam the streets freely – so why are pigeons allowed to? Are pigeons vermin and shouldn’t they be controlled?

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Are Pest Maintenance Contracts A Good Idea?

pest maintenance in essex

It’s always recommended by local authorities and councils that a business should have a pest maintenance contract. This is especially true for food businesses. In reality we’re never far away from pests. And they will find any way they can to infest our properties.

Pest maintenance contracts aren’t just limited to food businesses. Any business can benefit from a pest maintenance contract. In this post, we’re looking at why pest maintenance is a good idea for any Essex based business.

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