Why Shop Pest Control Is Needed In Retail

shop sign

If you run a retail outlet, then shop pest control is vitally important. Pests are a problem in all businesses, and this includes retail stores. These pests can cause major issues and problems for people who own or manage shops.

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The Types Of Hospitality Pest Control Premises We Serve

hospitality pest control restaurant

Pest control is vitally important for people who work in the hospitality industry. If you run or own a bar, café, or restaurant, then hospitality pest control measures must be implemented.  There are several reasons for this. To start with you should keep your business free of pests. Anyone who is conscientious will want to do this.

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What Do Queen Wasps Do During Winter?

queen making nest

Most insects are inactive during winter. This includes wasps. These winter insects usually die due to lack of food during the colder months. That being said, not all wasps die. The exception being queen wasps.

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Avoiding Pest Contamination In Food

lockdown baking

Pest contamination in food served by businesses is a serious problem. Food which is contaminated by pests may cause outbreaks of disease. This could result in deaths, fines, or even the closure of your business. Worst of all, these pests can completely destroy the reputation of your business. But how do you avoid this and protect yourself?

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New Year, New Pest Control Resolutions

pest control resolutions new year

Within days, we’ll be on the verge of a brand new year. For many people this means setting goals and new year’s resolutions. Most people will fail to meet these resolutions and that’s ok, but here’s something you should try to achieve. Pest control resolutions!

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Effects Of Pest Infestation On Retail Business

food shop

The effects of pest infestation are often utterly devastating. A serious pest infestation may cause a number of issues in your business. These include some of the following problems. When it comes to the effects of pest infestation, some business are more affected than others.

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Winter Insects UK: Where Do They Go?

winter insects uk

You’ve probably noticed that insects are far more prevalent during the warmer months. In fact, during winter some insects seem to disappear completely. But have these winter insects UK really left? And if they haven’t left then where have they gone?

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5 Pests That Cause Structural Damage

squirrels cause damage

The unfortunate fact is that all pests cause some type of damage. From rodents to silverfish, most pests damage homes and businesses. That being said, some pests are worse than others. Depending on the type of pests you have, it’s possible that they may cause serious structural damage.

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The 8 Main Causes of Pest Infestation

food waste

Why do you have pests? There are dozens of causes of a residential pest infestation. In this article we’re going to go over 8 of the main reasons why pests invade your property. 

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Is Lockdown Encouraging Household Pests?

free pest inspection

At this point the UK has now suffered through several months of lockdowns. Many businesses are closed and the public has been forced to stay at home. This has had many unintended consequences.

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