Your Guide To Pest Prevention At Home

keep kitchen clean

Almost nothing is worse than having pests in your home. Whether it’s cockroaches, ants or rats, these creatures make your skin crawl. But how do you prevent them? In this guide to pest prevention we share our most effective tips for doing this, especially with autumn approaching.

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Are Pest Control Contracts Worth It?

contract for business

Are pest control contracts worth it? In general, the answer is yes. Pest control contracts can benefit almost all business and come with a number of advantages. Are pest control contracts worth it? Yes! The reason why is because, when you take out a contract, it means that ongoing maintenance is performed.

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Do Squirrels Nest In Houses?

squirrel with nut

Do squirrels nest in houses? Unfortunately yes, these pests LOVE building their nests in your home and will invade if given half the chance. In fact, this is seen as a given in the pest control industry. Once squirrels overrun your garden it is only a matter of time until they come inside.

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Autumn Pests: What To Look Out For

autumn pests foliage

Autumn is a wonderful time of the year as the leaves start to change and we start to celebrate. Cool colours, fun holidays, and school aside, there is more to the change of season. The type of pests you start to see changes. What pests should you look out for in Autumn?

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What is Bed Bug Heat Treatment?

heat treatment kills insects

Bed bugs are a serious problem, one that can plague your home and be hard to get rid of. If you have found yourself with bed bugs, you are probably looking for a way to get rid of them. One of the options you might have found is bed bug heat treatments. You are probably wondering what is bed bug heat treatment? Take a look.

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Our Pigeon Problem Solving Methods

pigeons in line

Pigeons can be fun to look at from time to time. Some people even like to feed them. However, when these birds are on your property it can quickly become a nuisance. For many pigeons are considered a pest, just like rodents or insects. Today we are going to take a look at what pigeons can cause and pigeon problem solving.

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Why We Offer Free Pest Inspection

pest inspection magnifying glass

Pests can be quite problematic for a home or business and it is important to eliminate the problem quickly. The first step for any pest removal job is a pest inspection. We offer free pest inspections to clients because we know they want to get the best deal possible at the best price. We also offer free pest inspections for the following reasons.

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What Problems Do Grey Squirrels Cause?

what problems do grey squirrels cause

People often ask us, “What problems do grey squirrels cause.” And this is a good question. When trying to identify what type of pest is causing problems in your life, it’s helpful to work backwards. Looking at the issues being caused can help you figure out who is involved.

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Lockdown Measures To Stop Pests

lockdown pest prevention

Spring is here again, but not as we know it. And with the COVID-19 lockdown in full force, many Essex homeowners are turning to DIY, decluttering and spring cleaning to fill the time. As well as staving off boredom, these activities can also help in preventing spring pests. While we a in the midst of this crisis, avoiding spring pests has taken on a whole new meaning.

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Common Cockroach Allergy FAQ

cockroach allergy FAQ

Cockroaches are one of the most common pests. As well as being a major nuisance, many people are also allergic to these insects. But how do you know if you’re one of these people, and what can you do about it? We are asked lots of weird pest control questions in our day to day work. In this cockroach allergy FAQ though, we will attempt to address some of your more serious health related concerns.

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