Do Clothes And Carpet Moths Die Off In Winter?

heat treatment for moths

If you’re dealing with clothes moths and carpet moths, then we feel your pain. These pests can cause monumental damage to clothing, carpets, rugs and other items natural fibres. At this point (now that winter is on the way) you’re probably hoping and praying that they go away and that the cold affects pests.

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What Is Included In A Pest Control Inspection?

pest control inspection

Several things must happen in order to eliminate pests. For example, besides the treatments themselves, it’s necessary to first inspect the property. There is extremely important. In this article, we’ll explain why, as well as what happens during an inspection.

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Top Modern Pest Control Trends Of 2023


Pest control is something that continually evolves and changes. This mostly centres around new technology. This technology makes pest control more effective and efficient. This might not be something you have thought of. here are the top pest control trends for 2023.

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How Far Do Rats Travel From Their Nests?

rat in essex

A big part of pest control is studying rat behaviour. By doing this, we are better able to understand these pests and eliminate or deter them. We’ve also learnt many interesting things about rodents. For example, did you know that rats travel only a certain distance from their nest?

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Using CCTV For Pests In Business Premises

pests in business premises

Can CCTV cameras help with pests in business premises? You see, most pest issues are an open and shut case. It’s simply a matter of finding the pests and exterminating them. Unfortunately, things aren’t always this way. Many times, vermin are almost impossible to get rid of This most often happens in business premises. But why does this happen and how can CCTV help get rid of them?

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Reasons UK Cockroaches Are A Health Risk

UK cockroaches

Did you know that UK cockroaches are a major hazard to health? These pests can make you extremely ill. This is simply because cockroaches spread a large variety of diseases, and also cause other health problems. Here are some of the issues caused by these pests.

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7 Problems When Mice Invade Your Business

mice in london business

What happens when mice invade your business? For many business owners this can be a complete disaster. The reason why is because mice can cause significant damage to your business (amongst other problems.) Below are listed some of the key problems caused.

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Facts Versus Myths About Flying Ants

winged ant

Flying ants in the UK have achieved an almost mythical status. This myth centre’s around “flying ant day” as it’s known. This is a day when these insects take to the air and swarm in great numbers. But what’s really going on with these insects? Is this actually real or is it just a myth?

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Why Do Mice Come Into A Clean House?

mouse eating

Do mice hang come into your home? This can be highly irritating. These pests steal food, defecate everywhere, and can also damage your property. Getting rid of them is also be a pain. This is especially true if you’ve already taken steps to remove them.

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How Do You Stop Fleas From Spreading?

stop fleas spreading

Can you stop fleas spreading through your home? No one wants fleas in their house. These pests are a living nightmare. They bite all day, and leave you scratching your skin raw. But can you actually get rid of them. Yes, here’s how:

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