Damage From Silverfish In The House

Silverfish are interesting pests and one that many people do not often encounter. For example, did you know that these insects are millions of years old? They have actually been around since the days of the dinosaurs and first evolved about 400 million years ago. This makes them one of the most primitive insects, even more primitive than cockroaches. But here’s the real question, and they dangerous and can silverfish in the house cause damage?

Can silverfish in the house cause damage?

In case you don’t already know, silverfish are those highly distinctive insects you may see crawling around. What’s most distinctive about them are their silver coloured bodies. They also have a body shape which vaguely resembles a fish, hence the name.


The first thing you need to know about these pests is that they do not spread diseases. Unlike rats or cockroaches, they cannot make you ill. That being said, silverfish in the house can cause enormous damage. The reason for this is simple. These pests feed on anything which contains protein, starch, or cellulose. This means they can eat most types of food such as bread, grains, sugar etc. But what it also means is that they feed in inorganic objects such as glue, paint, hair, and other insects. They can be a real challenge for residential property owners.

They are also known for eating carpets, clothing, wallpaper, book binding and paper. This last one is where silverfish in the house cause the biggest amount of damage. In fact, these pests are notorious for eating books and paper. Holes in the pages of books are usually the point at which people notice they have an infestation. You may also have noticed large holes in your clothing or carpets. All of these things can attract these pests into your home.

What can I do if I find signs of silverfish?

Another problem with these pests is their droppings, that are black and resemble grains of coffee. The problem with these droppings is that they are moist and can cause further damage. For example, these insects often defecate in-between the pages of books. This means you may end up with black stains on your books.


So what can you do about silverfish in the house? First of all, you have to identify if you actually have these creatures. They can be quite tricky to spot due to their size. Also, while they do shed skin and defecate, this can also be difficult to spot. The easiest way to identify them is by looking at your books. Are there holes? Do not you see brown or yellow stains, or a yellow type of dust? These are all indicators of silverfish. If you see this, carefully go through your books and look for these bugs, and kill any that you find. Finally clean up your house in general, which is great pest prevention. This will go a long way towards repelling these and other insects.

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