Do Clothes And Carpet Moths Die Off In Winter?

If you’re dealing with clothes moths and carpet moths, then we feel your pain. These pests can cause monumental damage to clothing, carpets, rugs and other items natural fibres. At this point (now that winter is on the way) you’re probably hoping and praying that they go away and that the cold affects pests.

heat treatment for moths

You may be thinking that you haven’t seen any lately, so they must have gone. But have they gone? Do these pests die off in winter? The quick answer is no.

What happens to carpet moths during winter? 

Clothes and carpet moths do not die off during winter which is why you may have got so many. To be more accurate, the moths themselves will die off, but the larvae are unlikely to. If the adult moths have laid eggs in your wardrobe or in your carpets, then they will have plenty of food and enough warmth to keep them going. When they have their fill, they will pupate, becoming a chrysalis. If it is coo or cold,l then the process takes longer.

Moths go for a variety of natural fibres. Wool and silk can be decimated if the larvae are left undisturbed. So, wool jumpers, wool rugs and wool carpets are in the firing line.Leather and cotton are less likely to be attacked but can also be damaged. To stop moths, you need to take action with all these items.


What steps can be taken to get rid of moths in winter?

Without the adult moths around, this means that winter is the perfect time to get rid of clothes and carpet moths’ larvae and eggs. You’ll first need to empty out your cupboards. Remove all clothes made of natural fibres. Then, clean your cupboards thoroughly. Vacuum and wipe them down. When it comes to carpets and rugs, you need to vacuum every square millimetre. Check the back of smaller rugs too.

The next precaution to take is to wash all clothing. You need to do this at high heat (at least 49°C for about an hour.) This will kill any eggs which are on your clothing. If you cannot do that with certain pieces of clothing, then you’ll have to visit the dry cleaners.

When packing clothing back into cupboards, it’s important that you protect it from future moth invasions.  One way that some people choose is by storing clothing in plastic. This can be in either plastic containers, or plastic clothing hangers.


Using moth deterrents is also an extremely good idea. For example, moth balls are highly effective when it comes to keeping away moths. You can place a few of these balls in bags that contain clothing or in cupboards and drawers.

The bottom line is that clothes and carpet moths do not go away, even during winter. What this means is that you cannot ignore finding a pest control solution. Good thing the problem is easy to solve now that the adult moths are out of the way. Simply follow the steps we’ve outlined, and you’ll get rid of these pests in no time at all.

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