Do Squirrels Nest In Houses?

Do squirrels nest in houses? Unfortunately yes, these pests LOVE building their nests in your home and will invade if given half the chance. In fact, this is seen as a given in the pest control industry. Once squirrels overrun your garden it is only a matter of time until they come inside.

Do squirrels nest in houses? The facts

If you’ve ever wondered, “do squirrels nest in houses?” then the answer is YES. These pests build their nests inside your home for several reasons. The biggest reason is because it provides them with shelter. When inside your home they do not have to deal with things like the wind, rain or cold. Your house is also a great place to live when it snows during Winter.

squirrel with nut

They also prefer your home because it gives them an easy way to get food. Many of our clients have reported coming down to their kitchen at night and finding squirrels. These pests most often get into your house via the roof. Overhanging branches are used as a type of ladder. They drop down from these branches and quickly find their way into the attic or ceiling.

Squirrels enjoy living anywhere that is dark or hidden away. For example, they love to nest beneath floorboards and in wall cavities. They also build their nests in places where people seldom go, such as garages or storerooms. Squirrel nests usually measure 8 to 10 inches across. They are circular and built from twigs, bark, grass and leaves. They may also use materials such as cardboard or roofing shingles. Spotting their nest is a sure sign of squirrels.

squirrel on a wall

Why this is a serious problem to be dealt with

Believe it or not, grey squirrels can actually be destructive vermin. These animals are capable of causing thousands in property damage. Like rats and mice, they gnaw on absolutely everything and can easily tear your house apart. If they are living in your roof, they will use parts of it to build their nests. Squirrels also steal and contaminate food and chew through electrical cables and water pipes. This costs thousands to repair and may interrupt your water and electrical supply.

squirrel on bird feeder

If you spot nests or signs of damage, then call in professional squirrel removal immediately. The longer you ignore this problem the more damage these pests will do. Hopefully this answers the question, “do squirrels nest in houses?” If you want more information about these pests (and how to get rid of them) search through our blog.

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