Do Urban Rats Really Enter Toilets?

It’s a common tabloid story. Urban rats entering homes through toilets. Another story is: rats attacking humans while they’re on the toilet. But does this actually happen and is it something you need to worry about?

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Can urban rats enter homes through toilets?

The unfortunate truth is that yes, active urban rats can get into your home through the toilet. Before we explain how, please understand that this rarely happens. Rats entering through toilets is something that hardly ever happens, so you don’t have to worry about it.

That being said, when it does happen, how does it happen? The answer is quite simple. Most rats in the UK live inside sewers. Our sewers are actually heaving with millions of rats. These sewers contain enormous networks of pipes that allow rats to move around easily. These pipes also lead to your toilet, that allows rats to access your home.


Another reason why urban rats can come up through the toilet is because they are skilled swimmers. For example, rats are able to hold their breath for up to three minutes. Amazingly, rats can also tread water for up to three days!

But why do urban rats come up through the toilet in the first place? The most obvious reason is simply because the rat is exploring. They may also be looking for a food source, and detect that food is in your home. This can actually become a huge problem if it happens often enough and is a pest control challenge. You see, while rats are great swimmers, they do sometimes drown. When this happens, these dead rats have been known to block pipes.

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Preventing rats from coming into your pipes

If you’re concerned about this problem, there are ways to prevent rats from coming up your pipes. The way you do this is with a contraption known as a rat flap. These are basically flaps that fit around pipes and block rats from entering. These flaps are made from stainless steel and this stops rats from gnawing on them. Also, these flaps are able to open so that water can get out and then close again, stopping the rats.


These flaps can be fitted at the end of any drain and also inside of drains. This can be straightforward or can be a plumbing job, depending where the pipes are and are great for pest prevention. While rats can enter through toilets, this is extremely rare. Remember, rats are extremely scared of humans and do everything to avoid us. This is why they prefer to enter through other entrances, especially those where they cannot be easily detected.

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