Does Green Pest Control Work?

With the environmental crises worsening, more and more people are switching over to green products. Unfortunately, many of these products have an extremely bad reputation. For example, many green products are seen as cheap and badly made.

green pest control

What’s more, many of these products don’t actually work, and are even seen as money making schemes. But does green pest control actually work and what do you need to know about this topic?

Green DIY pest control – any thoughts from the pros?

When it comes to green pest control the answer is yes and no. You see, some of the methods work and others do not. Stuff which falls into the does not work category usually covers “natural cure” type solutions. You’ve probably seen this stuff online for people with pest control problems. This includes advice like placing herbs around your home or spraying essential oils along your walls. As professional pest controllers, let us tell you this: these methods are  very limited in their effectiveness and sometimes useless.

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That being said, something which does work: is diatomaceous earth. This is basically a powder made from fossilised algae skeletons. Sprinkling this powder around your home will help to kill insects. The reason why it works is because it has extremely sharp edges and also absorbs water. The powder sticks to insects and cuts into their exoskeletons, eventually killing them. It also dehydrates them, causing death.

powder earth

Green pest control that works

Another green pest control method that does work are heat treatments. This technique does not use any poisons or chemicals. Instead, it uses a boiling mist that is spread around the affected area. This mist is incredibly hot and destroys all organic matter it comes into contact with, including insects. Heat treatments are known to be highly effective when it comes to removing insects compared to fumigation. This is simply because they kill the insects as well as their eggs and larvae. This means the pests can no longer breed and the population collapses.

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Something else that also works really well is live rodent capture. This basically refers to a method of green pest control that does not kill rodents. This allows them to be safely removed and released in another place. These traps work by baiting the trap, enticing the rodent into entering a container they cannot escape. Plus they keep you safe.

A good example of this is the spoon and bucket trap. A spoon is placed on the edge of your counter, with peanut butter smeared over the edge. A bucket is placed below this. The rodent is attracted by the peanut butter and approaches the spoon. When it does this the spoon tips off the edge, and the rodent falls into the bucket. This method is known to be highly effective and is a great alternative to traditional traps.

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