Does House Insurance Cover Pest Control?

Pests are capable of causing extreme damage to your home. For instance, birds can completely wreck your roof. Along with this, you have things like rodents, which also cause significant issues. Another issue with pest control is the cost. If you’re dealing with a large infestation, then you may have to spend thousands of pounds on pest control.

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This brings us to the point. If you’re facing these problems, will your household insurance cover the costs of dealing with pests? In addition to this, is it possible to buy pest control insurance?

Pest control insurance: what you need to know

Unfortunately, the quick answer to this question is no. In the vast majority of scenarios, household insurance does not include pest control insurance. Your household insurance will neither pay for the removal of pests, nor for the damage they cause.

The reason for this is simple. Insurance is meant to cover things which are out of your control (or “acts of God” as they say.) For example, if your house burns down, then insurance will pay out. If a pipe breaks, then insurance will – hopefully – pay out.


The problem with pests is that these are not considered an accident. Much like when you get a home purchase inspection, in the eyes of the insurance company, you are responsible for pests. You’re expected to maintain your property so that pests do not get in. You’re also meant to keep it hygienic so that pests are not attracted. This is the simple reason why pest control insurance is not included with household insurance

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Does insurance pay for damage from pests?

That being said, this is really a grey area. If a rodent chews through a pipe, and this causes damage, then you may be compensated. What usually happens is that the insurance company compensates you for the damage to your home but they are not the people to contact if you find bugs or pests. They do not compensate you for the damage caused to the pipe, or for removing the rodents. That is seen as something you must deal with.

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That being said, with insurance, nothing is hard and fast. The best option is to speak to your insurance company as pests can also take hold after damage has happened. You should also check your policy and see what it has to say. There may be provision included for damage caused by pests. Also speak to them about home emergency cover. This often includes pest control insurance, which covers emergencies caused by pests. A good example of this is rats chewing through electrical wires. If rats are the cause of your lights going out, then you could be compensated.

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