Facts Versus Myths About Flying Ants

Flying ants in the UK have achieved an almost mythical status. This myth centre’s around “flying ant day” as it’s known. This is a day when these insects take to the air and swarm in great numbers. But what’s really going on with these insects? Is this actually real or is it just a myth?

winged ant

In this article, we’ll explain some of the facts versus myths about flying ants.

Is there a flying ants day in the UK?

First of all, you have to understand that flying ant day doesn’t actually exist. There isn’t one single day when these pests decide to swarm. Many people believe this, but those people are wrong.

This “day” actually occurs over several days. It may even happen over several weeks. This day also only occurs when the temperature is right, not at a specific time. That being said, these swarms usually occur when it’s warm. Most often between June and July (or even near the end of September) which is when most ant pest control is needed.


But why do flying ants swarm like this? The reason is simple. This swarm is essentially a part of the ants mating ritual. These insects breed in mid-air and do this while swarming. Once they have finished mating, both male and female ants fall to the ground. The male will die, while the female buries herself in the ground. She then lays eggs, builds a colony, and the cycle begins again.

Do flying ants cause any problems?

The reason these ants all swarm at once is to protect individual breeding pairs against birds. Birds are the main predators of these insects. If the ants all go out together, it gives individual pairs a greater chance of survival.

flying ants

So, is this actually anything that you should worry about? Not really, these insects are completely harmless. They do not bite or spread disease or anything like that. The only problem with flying ants is that they can be irritating. You may also have to clean up piles of dead ants and other ants can cause more to come indoors. The other problem is that there isn’t much that you can do about this.

The good news is that the swarm does not last for very long. Usually a few hours at the most. When this happens, it’s best to simply close your windows and wait for the event to pass as an effective method of ant control. You may also want to take pro-active measures and seal up any entrance points into your home. This will prevent ants from getting inside. Something else you should do is keep your kitchen clean. These ants will be looking for food. So, keep your kitchen clean to prevent them from being attracted into your home.

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