How Do You Stop Fleas From Spreading?

Can you stop fleas spreading through your home? No one wants fleas in their house. These pests are a living nightmare. They bite all day, and leave you scratching your skin raw. But can you actually get rid of them. Yes, here’s how:

stop fleas spreading

Stop fleas spreading with these tips

The first thing to do is take care of your pets. Pets are usually the main source of a flea infestation. It’s more than likely that your cat or dog picked up fleas from outside. These pests are now living on your pet. Every so often, one of them jumps off, and makes their home in the pet’s bedding as well as in your carpet or curtains. From there they begin to breed and create misery. So, the way to stop fleas spreading is by getting them off your pet. Get advice from your veterinarian on the best and safest way to do this. This may include flea shampoo or medication.

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Next, wash everything that you can wash. This includes things like curtains, soft furnishings, bedding, and so on. Note that fleas can actually survive in water (for up to seven days believe it or not.) What this means is that you’ll have to use heat to kill them. These pests die at 35°C, so make sure the water is warm enough to kill them.

Along with this, your carpets should be thoroughly vacuumed. Try and do this every day until the infestation of these summer pests is gone. If possible, have your carpets professionally cleaned. This will stop fleas spreading for good.

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More steps to take to get rid of fleas

Something else you should do is remove your rugs. Fleas usually spread by travelling over fur-like materials such as carpets and other household items. (There’s a reason why you don’t find fleas in kitchens). So, if you have rugs, leave them outside for several days. Hopefully, the fleas will jump off and stay outside. You can also do this with your curtains and sofa. Yes, this is a lot of work, but it might do the trick.

While you’re outside, you might also want to trim your garden back. Fleas mostly enter your home via pets, but they also come in through the garden. This usually happens when you have long grass, or bushes that touch the house. You can stop fleas spreading by trimming these back.

garden bushes

Finally, if none of this works, then you may want to get professional help if you’ve spotted the signs of fleas in your home. Exterminators can provide you with a solution known as heat treatments. This is basically an environmentally friendly way of destroying fleas. The method uses no pesticides and is guaranteed to remove your infestation. Best of all, it works a lot faster than methods like fumigation.

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