How Does Pest Control Deal With Flies?

Having pests can be quite annoying. With COVID restrictions lessening, Summer coming and restaurants opening, no one wants to have flies. Getting rid of fly problems both indoors and out is important. Many DIY fly options do not work and those that do only work if the conditions are right. That leaves a lot of people wondering how pest control experts deal with flies. Have a look at some of the secrets.

fly in a london restaurant

Remove Attractions

A variety of things exist that can attract flies to a business or home. For example, lights can be a big attraction to flies. Lights with a wavelength between 310 and 370 are the most attractive to flies. If other factors are attracting flies though, most lights will be attractive to them and warm areas. But by removing the most attractive wavelengths, you are helping to reduce the chance of drawing them to your property. Some of the other attractions to flies are:

  • Rubbish
  • Spoiled Food
  • Dirty Drains
  • Sugary Substances

remove rubbish

Fly Traps

Catching flies and preventing them from continuing to zoom across your property is a great way to help get rid of them and can prevent a business from being shut down. By itself, it won’t be enough in most cases, but it is a good start. To do this, sticky fly traps are used to catch as many flies as possible. Fly traps aren’t visually appealing to customers, so they are better suited towards areas that are well hidden.

Another type of fly trap exists, one that is often much more liked by businesses. These are traps that emit ultraviolet light in spectrums that flies are attracted to. Once the flies enter the enclosed trap, they are stuck. Many of these traps are designed to look like fans, air fresheners, or other objects that you might have laying around your business. You can easily use them to discreetly get rid of your fly problem.


Of course, one of the tools at the hands of professionals is insecticides. Insecticides come in many different forms, including liquids, aerosols, fogging materials, and more. Various types of insecticides have different types of hazards, some of them being poisonous. Professionals pick the proper insecticide for the type of fly and the situation.

bluebottle on trap

Insecticides are not a good first choice for many situations. Insecticides might require shutting down a business for a small period of time. It usually means cleaning thoroughly after the treatment too. Professionals will help you to determine if insecticides are needed for your pest problem.

Take a look at these pest control options that are out there. They will help you to ensure that your property is free of flies. Don’t forget fly nets on windows too. Whether you are a restaurant or a home, professionals can deploy these options in the most effective way and more to do that.


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