How Food Safety Regulations Apply To Pests

Food safety regulations are extremely important. The survival of your business depends on it. If you’re selling food that isn’t safe, then you could be in big trouble. But how do these regulations apply to pests and what should you know about this stuff?

food safety regulations

What you need to know about food safety regulations in the UK

Most of these food safety regulations centre on the food safety act of 1990. This act states that food business must be designed to prevent pest access. The act also states that businesses must screen food to prevent the risk of infestation or contamination.

Also, according to the act, if a business does not have pest control, it can lead to prosecution and can get your business shut down. You may also be liable for fines of up to £20,000. Even more important, you can be sentenced to two years imprisonment.

The act also specifically states that you must keep every part of your food room in good order, repair and condition. You must do this to prevent the entry of birds, rodents, and other pests.


Why following the law means using pest control services

Furthermore, if business owners get into trouble, they must be able to prove due diligence. This means that you have to show you were actually taking precautions against pests. What this means in real terms is that you have to hire a pest control company. If you do not hire a company, then it’s extremely difficult to prove that you did do this due diligence. It’s also hard to show that you were actually following these food safety regulations.

Other parts of the act state that food business must prevent pests from getting into their food storage and preparation areas. They have to do this in order to stop contamination and prevent the spread of diseases. Also, if you open doors and windows, then you must fit them with screens to stop insects.

The bottom line is that food safety regulations are extremely important. Ultimately, it’s up to business owners to keep their premises free of pests. You must also keep food safe from contamination, and stop the spread of diseases.

food safety regulations

As you can also see, it’s critical that you hire a pest control company to do pest maintenance and regular pest inspections. This is extremely important in case something goes wrong. If you do not have a pest company on contract, then it’s almost impossible to show that you were following the rules. In this way, you can basically think of pest control as an insurance policy.

At the end of the day this is something that you’ll want to do anyway as part of pest control for pubs and restaurants. Keeping pests under control is difficult, especially if you’re a busy restaurant owner. It’s far better to leave this in the hands of someone more capable. That way you’ll also enjoy peace of mind, knowing you’re staying within the rules and regulations.

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