How To Prevent Christmas Food Pests

Is there anything more disgusting than food pests? The thought of insects and rodents crawling over your food is utterly stomach turning. This is especially true during the Christmas season when most people are eating plenty of sweet treats and snacks.

There’s a lot more food than usual in the house during this time. What this means, is that pests such as cockroaches, flies and rodents might be even more attracted to your home than usual. And for that reason, you need to be a lot more vigilant in warding off these pests.

Don’t Let Food Pests Ruining Your Festivities

Christmas is a magical time, and the last thing you want is pests as house guests. Christmas a time to be happy and give thanks. But an overabundance of food pests can completely ruin the sentiment. This is even more important if you have friends or family visiting. You won’t want the embarrassment of these creates in your home when your relations are coming over.

christmas food pests

What you also need to understand, is that pests can spread disease. They can contaminate your food, and leave family members feeling ill. Or even give them food poisoning.

The thing to remember in this situation is that prevention is better than cure. Whether you are in Brentwood or Basildon, pests don’t care as long as your home is attractive to them.

This means you need to take pre-emptive action and stop food pests before they appear. This can be challenging and take time, so you want to start well before the Christmas season begins.

The First Rule Is To Clean, Clean, Clean

Get your home spick and span and you’ll rarely have to worry about food pests.

These pests are obviously attracted by food. This means that the most effective way to deter them is by keeping your kitchen spotlessly clean. As a rule, cockroaches and mice mostly come out at night. So make sure to always clean up and wipe surfaces before you go to bed.

clean after food pests

Most importantly, don’t leave any food out. Especially on Christmas day, when you might be tempted to do so. Clear up immediately after eating, and store leftovers in sealed containers.

Be sure to empty your bins more frequently at Christmas. Take the rubbish out as often as possibly, as overflowing rubbish bins will attract food pests. Also, try to keep bins further away from your house.

Don’t Make Your Christmas Visitors Unwell

Food pests like cockroaches are able capable of spreading bacteria and pathogens which can make you and your Christmas guests seriously ill. The last thing you want is to send your visitors away with food poisoning as well as their presents.

When Christmas time comes round, another thing to watch out for your tree. Remember, when you bring in the tree in from the garage or loft, it will most likely be home to hungry pests. This is also true if you are using a fake tree which has been stored in your basement or attic.

food poisoning

Take special care to get rid of as many of these insects as possible. You don’t want to wake up and find that these pests have already make a start on your Christmas dinner.

Preventing Christmas Food Pests

Another thing you can do to deter food pets is to regularly wash any linen you will be using at Christmas time. Clean any napkins and table cloths you’re using at the end of the day. Spills, crumbs and the remains of food will all attracts pests.

As well as keeping your kitchen clean make sure the entire house is ship shape. Remove clutter and rubbish, and make sure to vacuum as often as you can. When attempting to prevents food pests it is also a good idea to throw out snack packaging and wrapping paper straight away.

It is also a good idea to wipe over all your Christmas things before putting them away when you are storing them ready for next year.

If you see pest activity, then take action before they get out of control. Pest Exterminators Essex are available throughout the Christmas period as usual. If you run into any pest problems you can’t deal with alone, give us a call.

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