How To Stop Foxes Digging In Your Garden

Ever wondered how to stop foxes digging in your garden? While they might seem cute and harmless, these animals can be a serious nuisance around the Essex area.

If you’re completely bamboozled as to how to stop foxes digging in your garden here’s something to think about. Hopefully, the following points should answer the question of “how to stop foxes digging in your garden!”

How to stop foxes digging in your garden: Why they do it

Foxes, or urban foxes as they are also known, are often attracted to residential areas. The main reason why is to find food. After all, going through bins is easier than hunting. They also highly intelligent and have very little fear of humans.

how to stop foxes digging in your garden

They dig in your garden to search for earthworms, grubs and bulbs. Plus they also make holes to hide away food for the future. This is why fox pest control is an important aspect of the residential pest control in Essex that we provide.

The issue is that this can create an enormous mess. And it’s a mess that you are responsible for cleaning up. Foxes are also known for defecating in people’s gardens and on the street. Cleaning up after your own dogs is bad enough but when you add foxes the work doubles.

How to stop foxes digging in your garden: The dangers

Foxes are capable of spreading disease. First you have the problem of mange. This is a type of skin disease which is caused by parasitic mites. Many foxes have this disease. And once they enter your garden, these mites are deposited and can infect your cat or dog.

fox cub in essex garden

As well as infecting your pets, foxes can also spread fleas and ticks. Cats, and sometimes dogs, can become frightened by an encounter with foxes. They can also become dangerous if approached or cornered. As you can see, foxes come with a large roster of problems.

Top tips for repelling foxes

Remove food sources

Start by getting a dustbin with a lid. Foxes can chew through plastic, so try to get one that is metal. Routinely wash your bins as well. Stop leaving pet food outdoors. Harvest any fruit as soon as it is ripe. Also clear your garden of fallen fruits and seeds. And if you have a chicken coop, make sure it is secure.

Use fox proof fencing

You can also use an ordinary wire fence. Make sure that it extends at least 15 inches beneath the ground, because foxes are excellent diggers.

wire fencing

Minimise hiding spaces

Foxes will often use your garden to hide in and then emerge during the night. To stop this . reduce or minimise anywhere that the fox could find shelter by pruning bushes and shrubs. Also clear piles of brush and wood and make sure there’s nothing for the fox to crawl under.

Use scent repellents

Citronella and other smells are said to repel foxes. However, professional pest control companies have access to cutting edge scent repelling products that work better than any DIY pest control you can buy over the counter.

Use motion activated sprinklers

These work by scaring away the fox with a sudden burst of water. They can be highly effective for getting rid of foxes and can also condition them to avoid your garden.

water sprinklers deter fox

Use taste repellents

Many foods are repellent to foxes. These include onions, hot peppers and garlic. You can plant these in your garden. Otherwise leave these vegetables scattered about.

Seal up entrances

Make sure that the perimeter of your property is secure. Check that there are no entrances the fox can squeeze through or dig beneath. Also check for broken windows, doors or screens through which foxes can enter.

Professional fox control

We offer reliable fox proofing service, where we put into place a variety of different solutions to keep foxed off of your property. We have many years‘ experience with fox pest control. Whether you need pest control in Colchester or you live in Romford, our Essex team can help.

You can count on s to prevent and control foxes in a humane and environmentally-friendly manner. Foxes can be a nuisance, but if dealt with in the right way, can be less of a problem. Call us today to speak to one of our team. Our friendly customer service representatives are on hand 24 hours a day. They can answer any of your fox related questions and give you sound advice.

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