Innovative Pest Control Gadgets For 2020

When people think about pest control they usually think of insecticides or poisons. But what they don’t realise is that there are also dozens of innovative pest control gadgets that show potential too. The advantage of using these, is that they can kill or repel pests without using insecticides.

Even more handy is the fact that you can simply plug them into a wall socket and don’t have to do much else. These pest control gadgets require little to no maintenance. Not only that, they are also odourless.

Types of pest control gadgets

High frequency signal

These high pitched frequencies used in ultrasonic devices basically fry the nervous systems of both insects and rodents. The noise drives them away without you having to kill them.

ultrasonic frequencies

The down side of icing these pest control gadgets is that it is possible for the pests to eventually develop a resistance to the sound.

Chemical repellents

There are also electronic devices that heat and release insect repellent chemicals. These gadgets are purported to drive away flying insects. The most common ones are plug in mosquito devices. However, these devices do not kill insects eggs.

Smart phone gadgets

Finally you have smart phones applications which claim that your phone can be turned into a pest control gadget. Whether or not these devices actually work is a matter of some contention. Pest control experts are divided into two camps. Some say these devices work and others disagree.

Electronic zappers

One of the most scientifically sound types of pest control gadgets we came across was the electronic zapper. These devices basically consist of an electric grid. Once the insect hits this grid it is electrocuted and dies.

Fly zapper

In our experience, the types of pest control gadgets outlined above work to a certain extent. What you have to remember, is that many of these devices are intended only drive the pests away, they do not kill them entirely. So, there is always a chance they will come back.

In the next section, we are going to take a look at four popular gadgets available in 2020.

1. Max moxie pest repellent

This device is one of the most highly rated pest control gadgets in the world. It is said to repel rodents plus most flying and crawling insects. It has a range of up to 1200 square feet. The device has also been reported to work in unusual rooms such as your garage and attic.

2. Aspectek Electronic Bug Zapper

This device is one of the more promising devices we came across in the electronic zapper category. It features powerful LED lights which draw flying insects needing fly control in essex towards the grid where they are zapped. According to the manufacturers, this device can attract and kill bugs in a 6000 square foot area.

3. Home sentinel electromagnetic, ionic and ultrasonic insect repellent

This pest control gadget is more complex than most others. It features ultrasonic as well as electromagnetic waves. Plus it uses ionic technology, a piece of technology that supposedly simulates the effect of storm weather. Which frightens insects away.

wasps in a garden in essex

By combining these three types of technology, this machine promise to be far more effective than most pest control gadgets. This machine also has a feature whereby is turns on during the night and off in the day.

According to the manufacturers, it is effective in removing mice, cockroaches, spiders and ants. And works in an area of up to 1,200 square feet.

4. Thermacell outdoor personal electronic repellent

If you’re plagued by flying insects outside, like mosquitoes, this device may come in handy. It is a personal repellent which is meant to be attached to your clothing when you’re out walking and hiking. It can also be detached and used if you are camping or having a picnic.

This gadget uses a combination of the chemical / electrical devices mentioned earlier. It emits an odourless chemical known as allethrin, which is heated and then released. Each cartridge is said to last up to ten hours, and protect an area of 15 square feet.

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