cockroach in kitchen

We are able to provide a pest control service to remove any infestation

Pest Exterminator Essex takes steps to try and prevent another infestation occurring whether it is through one-off treatments or continued maintenance.

Cockroaches are an unwelcome pest in any property with their size, smell and their ability to contaminate food and surfaces.

There are two main types of cockroach in the UK; the German cockroach is a yellow/brown colour while the Oriental Cockroach is a brown/black colour, both are the oval shape and move very quickly across the ground.

Why do I have a cockroach infestation?

Cockroaches live almost exclusively indoors in the UK climate in order for them to survive. They seek out warm environments so they are attracted to the warmth of heated residential and commercial properties.

Commercial properties provide an added attraction to cockroaches as they like to seek out heating ducts and boiler rooms which can be found in a number of large buildings.

However, like most pests, it is food which is what attracts cockroaches into a building the most with crumbs and improperly stored food a target.

That is why restaurants are at particular risk of cockroach infestation as they offer both food and heat for the cockroach.

If you do not keep your home or restaurant clean of crumbs and your food stored securely, cockroaches will contaminate your food, utensils and your countertops.

If the cockroach senses food and warmth, it can find a way into your home if there are small openings in the walls for it to get through.

Signs and consequences of a cockroach infestation

Cockroaches are one of the larger insect pests so it is easy enough to spot one if it is out in the open but it will likely move into hiding quickly if it sees you and usually won’t come out unless it is dark.

Cockroaches are able to get into food which has not been securely stored so if you see any damage to any food packaging, you should throw it away immediately.

Everything touched by a cockroach will be contaminated whether it is food, utensils or simply the surfaces it walks on.

If food and utensils are exposed to this then or anyone you provide food for will be at risk of developing food poisoning or suffering from diarrhea.

In a commercial property where food is served, this increases the risk of illness to all customers who come into your restaurant.

Not only that but the discovery of a cockroach infestation can greatly damage the reputation of a restaurant so it is important to get the problem sorted as soon as possible.

Cockroaches leave behind an unpleasant smell wherever they have been so even if you haven’t seen a cockroach, you should be able to smell one if it has been on the move around your property.

How to cope and deal with a cockroach infestation

It is difficult to remove a cockroach infestation yourself but there are steps you can take to limit their damage until a professional provides pest control treatment.

You should seal up any cracks and other small openings in your property where cockroaches may be coming in from.

Food should be stored securely and all surfaces should be free of crumbs so that even if you do have cockroaches inside your property, there will be nothing for them to come out for.

The size of the cockroach means that it is possible to crush them but they are very quick so it is hard to get good contact on them.

This is also not an ideal solution if you do have a cockroach infestation to try and kill each individually.

If you have or suspect you might have, a cockroach infestation in your property, you can call us on 01245 526726 or email [email protected] to discuss the options for treatment with you.