Is Essex Rodent Control Getting Worse?

Essex is a densely populated area with a lot of people generating a lot of rubbish. So, it may not be too much of a surprise that we get a lot of Essex rodent control requests throughout the county. However, it may surprise some to learn just how much worse the problem is actually becoming.

rat in a cage

In this post, we are going to look at several recent cases that show the extent of this.

Eastenders TV Hardman Scared by Mice Invasion

We aren’t even joking with that headline. Back at the start of 2019, EastEnders hardman Danny Dyer was apparently left terrified after he discovered mice in his Essex home. The actor was so frightened, in fact, that he bought a bulldog to help deal with the problem.

As you can imagine, full of beans as he always is, he told reporters the story with great enthusiasm. He admitted he was having a nightmare indoors, and then described how he saw one running out from his wood burner at 100 miles an hour underneath the sofa. Apparently, the incident gave him the “heebie-jeebies”.

danny dyer

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The story, although hilarious, and told with great aplomb by Dyer, serves as in important indicator that Essex mouse control services are needed now more than ever before. It doesn’t matter how wealthy or famous you are. It makes no odds how large your Essex home is. Pests don’t discriminate and no one is immune!

Pitsea Rat Infestation Plagued Residents Last Year

There were a significant number of complaints in Pitsea in March last year. In fact, there was a definite spike in rodent activity. Numerous residents were seeing evidence of that they needed rodent control, and spotting these pests running around their homes. The householders also reported that they could hear them moving around inside the walls of their properties. You may be wondering what was causing the increase in rodent activity in that area particularly? Many believe it was the sprinkler system set up on the Felmores Estate.

pitsea in essex

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The local Council claimed that they had not received or dealt with any issues regarding the system and vermin. However, they also stated they would send Essex rodent control services to the site to investigate further. Things got so bad that many of the shocked and horrified residents were publicising their experience on social media. Eventually, an Essex pest control expect named Ian Bright suggested that the new pipes sprinkler system could be responsible. He surmised that it may have been used like a rodent runway, going from one property to the next. Giving them easy access.

Tenants were concerned when they heard rats in the walls and saw them running around the properties on the estate.

Rat Problems Abound in Essex Schools

Pest problems in Essex don’t stop with commercial or residential buildings. Schools have long been a known target for rodents. There are often a few mice on school premises, but this situation may be another example of how pests in Essex have escalated.

welcome to school sign

Footage of a large rat in the girls’ WC at Shoebury High School made quite an impact in November. On both social sites and the local press. Some of the children claimed to have heard the sound of scratching during lessons. The infestation was allegedly present for some weeks, with students noticing rat dropping and the smell of urine around the school. Apparently, pupils claim, they were relocated to a different classroom after a rat ran through their English lesson.

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