Is Lockdown Encouraging Household Pests?

At this point the UK has now suffered through several months of lockdowns. Many businesses are closed and the public has been forced to stay at home. This has had many unintended consequences.

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As people who work in the pest control industry, we can confirm that one of these consequences is pests.  Yes, the unfortunate truth is that lockdown has greatly encouraged household pests.

Why lockdown is encouraging household pests

There are many reasons for this. One of the biggest is because people are eating at home more often. Instead of eating out they are cooking meals at home. While this has money saving benefits, it also means there is more food in the house. This includes food in your cupboards, food waste, and also food in bins. Of course, all this food attracts household pests. There are lockdown measures you can use to prevent pests in your home.

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For example, people are trying to avoid the shops. This means they are buying huge amounts of food at a time and also stockpiling. Unfortunately, most people don’t take the time to store this food properly. This means their stockpiles end up attracting household pests such as rats and cockroaches.

And because people are eating at home they are preparing this food in their kitchen. Lockdown has made people lazy. Instead of using this time productively most people are taking it easy. What this means is that they are not bothering to clean their kitchens after preparing meals. They’re not used to doing this, so these food scraps sit in sinks, countertops and rubbish bins. This eventually attract pests.

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Not only that, there is also a lot more food waste than usual. This food waste is filling up dustbins, and these overflowing dustbins are attracting household pests. Lockdown has also affected garbage removal, which is making this problem worse and making pest prevention tricky.

Another reason why pests are increasing is because people are sitting at home with the heat cranked up. This has created a nice and cosy environment for pests. It allows them to breed faster and survive easier, and is another reason why they are coming inside.

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The final reason why we are seeing an increase in pests is because of the lack of food outside. Many pests survive by scavenging from dustbins, or discarded food waste in takeaway containers. They also feed from the dustbins outside restaurants.

Due to lockdown these sources of food are no longer available. No one is visiting restaurants or takeaways places. There are also less people out on the street. What this means is that the dustbins are empty and pests are struggling to survive. The only place they can still find food is in our homes, and in their desperation they are streaming inside. Call in our residential pest control services if you are having issues with pests during lockdown.

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