Keeping Spring Ants Out Of The Kitchen

Ants are small, but they are one of the most common pests. Also, some people find them one of the most annoying. They invade your home or business and won’t go away, especially in the spring. Oftentimes you try deterrents and do a basic cleaning, to no avail. The best option for dealing with ants is to prevent them from coming in in the first place. Luckly, when it comes to spring ants in the kitchen, you have winter to prepare.

keeping spring ants out of the kitchen

Take a look at some of the steps you can take to keep spring ants out of the kitchen.

Clean regularly and thoroughly

Regular cleaning is the best way to keep ants away and stop food contamination. Ants are attracted to food, even small bits of food. Keeping your kitchen clean is thus an important step. You will want to clean at least briefly after every meal. You will want to do a more thorough clean of the kitchen at least once a week, if not more. Especially if you have a history of ants in the kitchen.

The cleaning needs to be thorough. Any crumbs left behind can attract ants. Clean under appliances, in nooks, and in cabinets. Don’t forget to keep the sink and drain clean too.

Spray Deterrent

You can easily get a number of natural deterrents from DIY shops or even from the internet. By spraying these around the kitchen regularly, you can deter ants from wanting to make your home a target. Deterrents will stop ants from being attracted to your home.

kitchen cleaning

It is important to make sure that you are getting deterrents that will actually work. There are many options on the market and some of them don’t work at all.

Spray deterrents are especially good if you have had a problem with ants in the past.

Address holes

Holes in your foundation, walls, and other areas are great ways for ants to access your home. Patching these holes up will help to prevent ants from coming into your home. Use caulking or other appropriate materials to patch holes. Most ants enter the home through small holes or cracks. By cutting these off before spring, they have no entry point.

Standing Water

Standing water attracts ants. Make sure that your kitchen has no standing water regularly. That means draining the sink, not leaving filled glasses and pots around for long, and sealing off any leaks. Wiping off the kitchen counter regularly helps too. Water can be especially dangerous when it comes to attracting ants, if other attractions exist alongside.

standing water sink

When trying to keep ants away in the spring time, it is important that you plan early and use multiple methods. Ants are pesky critters that just keep wanting to return. If you find that you are having too much trouble handling your ant problem or you want to ensure they stay away, call a professional. Professionals have the tools needed to make sure you don’t have spring ants.

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