Lockdown Measures To Stop Pests

Spring is here again, but not as we know it. And with the COVID-19 lockdown in full force, many Essex homeowners are turning to DIY, decluttering and spring cleaning to fill the time. As well as staving off boredom, these activities can also help in preventing spring pests. While we a in the midst of this crisis, avoiding spring pests has taken on a whole new meaning.

lockdown pest prevention

Firstly, getting all types of pest control assistance in Essex can be more challenging at the moment, due to self-isolation and reduced workforces. This means it’s more important than ever before to keep our homes clean and pest free. Secondly, most of us have more food supplies stockpiled to help us through this difficult time. And where there is dried food, stored in unusual places, there are pests.

Pest prevention might have seemed like an unimportant task to many people in normal circumstances. When the weather is warm and sunny, we usually have other things on our minds. But the reality of the coronavirus outbreak makes keeping pests at bay vital. You see, spring is the time when pests come out of hibernation. Eggs and larva which were laid during winter now begin to hatch. In addition to this, other pests, such as mice and rats, have new born babies which quickly grow up. And you really don’t want rats coming in your house during lockdown.

pest on a tree

This is why it’s crucial that you prepare for these creatures. If you don’t, it’s possible that your home could be swamped by them. Spring pests are looking for a place where they can shelter and breed, and find an easy food source. Your home is the perfect accommodation. And if you have stocks of food stored for emergency rations, you don’t want to be attracting pests.

Getting on top of spring pests doesn’t need to be as difficult as it may sound. Obviously, getting professionals in is better than DIY pest control during normal circumstances. However, the idea here is basically simple prevention. Your aim is to make your house as unappealing as possible to pests. If you do that, they will move on and find somewhere else to live. Here is a list of activities that should be carried out.

How to prevent Essex spring pests during lockdown

Do spring cleaning

The first task is to get your house as clean as possible. Start by thoroughly cleaning your kitchen. The best advice we can give you is to take everything out of drawers and cabinets and give them a deep clean. This will help you get rid of accumulated food debris and other stuff that attracts pests.

spring pests cleaning

At the same time, you can pull out and clean behind white goods and other furniture throughout the house. Also take down and clean your curtains. When doing this, look for insects that may be hiding behind and in the folds. Another important task is to vacuum under your beds. Remove and wash bedding, and also vacuum the mattresses.

Clear out your old stuff

Spring pests are attracted by rubbish and clutter because they provide great places for them to hide. For this reason, you want your house to be as neat as possible. Use lockdown time to through your home from top to bottom. Put anything that you no longer need in the shed, ready for the day you are allowed to take them to a charity shop or down the dump. You should include your attic and garage in your declutter binge as well.

Remove all items of clothing from wardrobes and wash them. Check for signs of moths and clean inside your closets before replacing the items. It’s important to do this because there could be insects waiting to hatch at the back of these wardrobes. Also check and clean under furniture for insect eggs or larva.

Secure food in airtight containers

This is a big part of repelling spring pests. There should be no available food sources left exposed for them to smell. This mostly concerns any place where you might be storing food. Make sure that your fridge and cupboards are completely secure and that there is nowhere for pests to get in.

pasta in a jar

After that, put away any food you have loose in sealed plastic containers or jars. There should be no way for pests to get at any food. This is going to be particularly important for any stockpiled food in places like garages, spare rooms or the loft.

Maintain your property

The external perimeter of your property should be secure so pests can’t easily get in. There should be no cracks, holes or places where pests could enter. Make a thorough inspection of your walls, windows and roof. Check for areas that pests could use to get into the house and seal them up. If you have an attic, check for gaps between the roof and the house where pests like squirrels or nesting pigeons could enter. Pests are also attracted by water so repair any leaky taps and pipes as well.

Tidy up your outdoor space

During lockdown, garden work might be a good opportunity to get some fresh air and keep spring pests off your property at the same time. Make sure the fence around your property is secured. if you have fences that are broken, repair them.

lawn mower in essex garden

A messy garden can also attract spring pests such as rats, squirrels and foxes. To prevent this, you need to tidy up your garden. Mow the lawn. Trim shrubs and trees. The other thing you can do outdoors for mouse and rat control in Essex is to turn over and cover compost heaps.

Basically, you should make sure that there are no overgrown or messy areas in your garden. The other thing you can do outdoors is to turn over and cover compost heaps. Also be careful with food which could attract pests. Secure bird feeders properly and don’t leave pet food out at night. Finally, make an effort to clear out and clean your shed or garage if you have one.

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