Moth Fumigation vs. Heat Treatment

When removing moths, you have a variety of options. These include things like spraying poisons, heat treatments and also moth fumigation. Pest exterminators either use fumigation or heat treatment. But which of these options is the best for your unique situation? 

moth heat treatment

The first thing to note is that both methods are equally as effective. Whether you use moth fumigation or heat treatment the bottom line is this: all moths will be destroyed.  

That being said, each of these methods have various pros and cons. Each one needs special equipment and trained people to operate. The only real difference between the two is safety to the environment and to people.

Fumigation explained

For example, fumigation is an extremely hazardous, time consuming, and disruptive undertaking. You’ll need to hire a special technician who is trained to use the equipment. This equipment also takes large amounts of time to assemble and dissemble.

fumigating moths

Most importantly, dangerous chemicals are used during fumigation. These chemicals are harmful to your children, pets, and also the environment. The biggest drawback to fumigation then, is the fact that these chemicals linger in your house afterwards. While there is no risk of death or harm, this is something that doesn’t sit well with many people.

Heat treatments explained

This is why heat treatments are now a popular alternative to moth fumigation. There are dozens of advantages to using to method. With heat treatments absolutely no chemicals are involved.  Instead, a superheated vapour is used to kill the moths. This means that heat treatments are vastly safer for your pets, family, and the environment.

carpet moths

What this also means is that you can return to your home immediately after the treatment. You do not have to spend additional time waiting for chemicals to dissipate. There’s also less time spent preparing and cleaning up afterwards. At the end of the day heat treatments are a lot faster than fumigation. Quite often the problem is solved in under an hour or two.  

Another big advantage of this method is that 100% of all moths, caterpillars, larvae, and eggs are killed. Nothing is left behind, which is often the case with moth fumigation.

Which one should you have?

Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide and a pest control survey can help. Some people may prefer heat treatments while others will go with fumigation. Businesses may prefer fumigation while homeowners will go with heat treatments. Just remember that both methods work equally well. Whether you’re using chemicals or heat all moths will be destroyed.

The best advice that we can give you is to consult with your local 24 hour pest company. Explain your situation and what you’re dealing with. From that point the technicians will guide you towards the best solution for your problem.

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