New Year, New Pest Control Resolutions

Within days, we’ll be on the verge of a brand new year. For many people this means setting goals and new year’s resolutions. Most people will fail to meet these resolutions and that’s ok, but here’s something you should try to achieve. Pest control resolutions!

pest control resolutions new year

Pest control resolutions are a simple idea. It basically means that this year you’re going to keep your home free of pests. You’re going to do whatever it takes to prevent pests coming into your home. To do this you need to develop better habits to avoid needing residential pest control. Some of these may include.

1. Keeping your home clean

Pests are attracted to filth and food, especially food waste. This means the first of your pest control resolutions should be keeping your home clean. It’s critically important that your kitchen is as neat as possible. Clean every surface before going to bed at night, including the floor. Also make sure all dishes are washed and dried. Plus, your bins should have a lid which seals tightly. Extend this to the rest of your home. Vacuum and clean as often as possible.

spring cleaning

2. Deep cleaning

You should also do a major clean up at least once a year. So, what better time than at the start ofthe New Year during lockdown in Essex? Go through your home from top to bottom and clean every single inch. Have your curtains and carpets professionally washed. Also go through cupboards and places like your garage and shed.

3. Declutter

Pests love to hide in clutter and piles of rubbish and having clutter can cause pests. This is why you should never let clutter accumulate. It’s important that you throw away anything that you don’t need. Believe it or not, most clutter can actually be thrown away. Pack any remaining clutter away inside cupboards or find somewhere to store it. You can also donate unwanted items to charity.


declutter messy room

4. Check For Entry Points Into Your Home

Pests do not simply appear. They have to find a way inside your home. Whether this is through doors, windows, or some other way. The most common entry point is through cracks in the walls. Another way is when there are gaps around the edges of windows and doors. You should make a habit of checking for these entry points. Examine the perimeter of your home for any cracks or gaps where pests can enter. If you find these immediately seal them up. Also, if safe to do so, check your roof.

5. Check your loft or attic

One of the best pest control resolutions you can make is routinely inspecting your attic and carry out pest prevention. Most people rarely go into their attic. In fact, months or even years can pass between visits. This gives pests, like squirrels and rats, free reign. To prevent this routinely inspect your attic and look out for any signs of pests.

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