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If you have found the presence of mice in your home, it can be very stressful. If you have actually spotted one of the crafty creatures with your own two eyes, even more so.  Although they make for cute cartoon and movie characters, mice carry and spread diseases while searching for shelter and food. As a result, they pose health risks. Especially around areas where food is stored, like kitchens and larders. This is where our expert mouse control Essex comes in. The best solution is to invest in high-quality mouse control, such as the Essex focused services offered by Pest Exterminators Essex.

Identifying the Type of Mice You Have In Your Home

Although you could try and deal with your mouse problem yourself, there are very good reasons for looking to the experts and our mouse control Essex services. For one thing, there are two specific species of mice you are likely to come across in your home – the field mouse and the house mouse.

While the two leave similar signs, and have similar behavioural traits, they are really two different animals. below is a field mouse for comparison with house mice.

small field mouse

Without the specialist training an Essex pest control technician has participated in, it would be very difficult for you to tell the differences. And it’s those differences that are pertinent to choosing the right treatment and action to remove them.

Why Do Mice Come Into Our Homes In the First Place?

Why they come into your home in the first place is important to understand when you have a mouse problem. Along with the help a mouse control Essex team like ours can give, knowing what attracts mice can help prevent them. Like other pests, such as rats, mice want to get into our homes because they are looking for somewhere that’s safe, warm and has a lot of food. However, it can be very unsafe for humans. Mice can chew through electrical wires and cause fires to start.

mouse chewing wire  in house

It’s important, therefore, to keep your home clean and tidy, with food stored away securely. However, as mice are very intelligent and persistent, they will find even the tiniest cracks and holes to enter through.

Different Entry Points

Mice are so troublesome not just because of their size. It is because they are able to contort their bodies and squeeze through the smallest of holes and gaps. Which is what makes mouse control in Essex so hard. This is also a major cause of rats too. Some of the most common methods of entry to look out for, include:

  • Gaps below doors
  • Gaps around fireplaces and inside skirting boards
  • Floorboard gaps
  • Openings for pipework
  • Any hole, including those with a diameter of as little as ¼ of an inch.

Interestingly, house mice are generally likely to search around a bigger area in the search for food than their field mice counterparts. This means a greater number of bait locations are required to stand a chance of catching them and eliminating the problem.

mouse trap

Their feeding habits are also different in that house mice tend to be fussier and won’t eat just anything.

Best Approach is To Get Rid of Them As Quickly As Possible

Mice are incredibly adaptable, breed rapidly and are highly mobile. Which, by any stretch of the imagination, is a deadly combination. Therefore, it’s best to deal with the problem of mice as quickly as possible. The best course of action, rather than trying to deal with it yourself, is to hire our team of Pest Exterminators who have experience with mouse control Essex and are Essex based.

Make Our Mouse Control Essex Your First Port of Call

Delivering all kind of pest services in Essex is our business. It’s where our expertise lies. If you are unfortunate enough to have all the tell-tale signs of a mouse problem, get in contact with us as soon as possible. We will come and visit your property, assess the damage and extent of the infestation, and design the most effective plan of action. We always try to work with our customers, because we want to make sure they are happy and satisfied every step of the way.

So, avoid dealing with it yourself, and don’t let those mic have the full run of your house. Contact Pest Exterminators Essex today. We will not only get rid of your current mouse problem, but help you prevent it from happening again. We are available day and night, 7 days a week. Just give us a call, wherever you are based in the Essex area.

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