Our Pigeon Problem Solving Methods

Pigeons can be fun to look at from time to time. Some people even like to feed them. However, when these birds are on your property it can quickly become a nuisance. For many pigeons are considered a pest, just like rodents or insects. Today we are going to take a look at what pigeons can cause and pigeon problem solving.

What Problems Can Pigeons Cause

Looking at pigeons they seem cute and fun to be around. If this is true, what kind of problems can pigeons cause? Take a look at these common problems.

pigeons in line

  • Metal Damage (Faeces)
  • Debris and Dirt Spread
  • Roof Damage
  • Flooding Problems
  • Smells/Odours
  • Bacteria and Health Concerns
  • And More!

Why you need pigeon problem solving

Now we have established that pigeons can be a pretty big problem for your home. Especially if they manage to make their way inside your home. Why do we need pigeon problem solving from a professional? Getting rid of a pigeon problem isn’t as simple as shooing the birds away.

Pigeons will make places like your attic home. Once they have found a way in, if you shoo them out, they will just re-enter again. You need to seal off any potential entrance. Anything left behind in your home also needs to be cleaned up safely to remove odor and make the area safe.

pigeon on roof

You can also keep the pigeon problem under control in the future if you make your home inhospitable to pigeons. Methods like laying pigeon wire (bird wire), bird netting, deterrents, and more will help to keep them away. Professionals know all of the ways possible to get rid of pigeon problems.

What our company does

Our company works with you to remove your pigeon problem efficiently and humanely. Before we even begin working, we start with a site assessment so that we can get to know your property and your specific needs. After that we deploy a variety of pigeon problem solving methods from putting down bird spikes, to sealing your home.

Humane pest and pigeon control is important to our company. While pigeons can be a nuisance, they are still animals. We do everything we can to prevent hurting any animals while we are working.

Also important, our company likes to explain the process and what we are doing to our clients. Clients deserve to be informed on the process, why we are doing what we are doing, and the cost. Customer satisfaction is crucial.

pigeon cameras

A pigeon problem can be quite annoying and be hard to handle. With the help of a professional like the ones that work for us, you can have your pigeon problem solved. Not just that, your pigeon problem will be solved rapidly and without you having to do much work.

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