Our Weirdest Pest Questions Asked in 2019

As professional exterminators, we are often asked weird pest questions. Today we thought we’d share some of them with you. These are our strangest and most interesting compilation from the outgoing year. You may even have wondered about some of these yourself, but never got the chance to ask. Hopefully, by the time you’ve read these pest questions, you will have learned something new.

essex woman asking pest questions

Pest Questions That Will Make You Think Twice

Q: Do mice steal socks?

A: This is one of the more interesting pest questions, and it’s true. Rodents are known to steal socks and use them to build nests. Maybe they like the smell, although there’s nothing to back that up If you notice that your socks keep disappearing, you could have an infestation.

Q: Are cockroaches actually clean?

A: There’s a rumour that cockroaches are actually clean. This isn’t true. Cockroaches are filthy creatures. They can spread germs and diseases such as salmonella, dysentery and even typhoid.

Q: Is it true that cockroaches can survive a nuclear attack?

A: This is a long standing urban myth. Cockroaches may well be hardy enough to survive the initial blast.

cockroaches survive nuclear

However, scientific research suggests that eventually the radiation will kill them.

Q: Can rats grow to the size of dogs?

A: Yes and no. A lot of people think the sewers beneath our towns and cities are infested with giant rats. To an extent it is true in as much as larger than average rats in Essex have been found in recent years. These have become known as Super Rats. But these are only slightly larger than normal sized rats. That being said, there are giant rats in some countries. For example, there is a South American species of rat which can grow up to 3 feet!

Q: Can cockroaches live without their heads?

Yes! A cockroach can live for more than a week without its head. This is because these insects don’t need their heads in order to breathe. They won’t survive for any longer because they will eventually die of thirst. As they no longer have a mouth, they can’t drink.

Q: Are ants super strong?

A: Believe it or not, ants are insanely strong. They can lift and carry more than 100 times their own body weight.

really strong ant

Which is like you or me being able to carry a truck.

Q: Do insects actually weight more than humans?

A: This one is a bit of a brain teaser. In one way this is true. Although insects are smaller than humans, there are many more of them. In fact, scientists claim that the total number of insects on the planet put together weights more than 80 times that of the humans beings. No wonder we need insect pest control so much!

Q: Do insects sleep?

A: Yes, surprisingly most insects sleep just the same as humans.

Q: Do “Killer Bees” exist?

A: This is one of the pest questions we’re most often asked. The answer is yes. Africanised Honey Bees (Also known as Killer Bees) are extremely aggressive, and are reported to have killed over 1,000 humans.

killer bees colony

Once aroused, they can persistently follow you for over 400 metres. Not only that, their stingers are 10 times more powerful than regular bees.

Q: Why do mosquitoes drink blood?

A: Like vampires, mosquitoes drink blood to survive. They do this in order to get nutrients, and to produce their eggs.

We hope you enjoyed our list of pest questions!

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