Pest Control And Home Renovations

Home renovations are a great way to carry out pest control. In addition to this, these renovations may also be affected by pests. Basically, there are several things you should know about pests and home renovations.

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Pest problems that can arise while you renovate 

Pest control and home renovations do not go well together. In fact, there are many issues that can occur. To begin with, pests can use these renovations as an opportunity to get into your home. During renovations the perimeter of the home may be exposed. This makes it extremely easy for pests to enter and then hide on the property.

If this happens, you made end up building something that contains pests. For example, if you’re constructing new walls then you may end up with rats or cockroaches in these walls. These pests could also hide inside drains, gutters or in the foundations of the building.


Another problem with these types of pests is that they can damage your renovations as you’re doing them. Rats love to gnaw on things like wood and electrical cables. They may also steal building materials to use for their nests. This can cause thousands of pounds of damage and is also a major nuisance.

Pests may also be an issue if you are renovating existing buildings. The problem here is if there are pests present in these buildings. In this situation, pests can make it difficult to work. Once again they can damage the renovations and may even spread disease to workers.

How to avoid pest problems while renovating

The best thing to do in either of these scenarios is to deal with the pests before doing renovations. If you’re building something new, then carry out pest control on the site. As you’re building, try to avoid leaving large gaps and holes. These should be sealed up as soon as possible to prevent pests from entering. You may also want to carry out pest prevention measures. This can include setting traps for rodents and spraying pesticides for other pests.

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Also take measures to protect building materials. Try to avoid leaving building materials around. These should be quickly used or packed away in the safe place. This is especially true in the case of things like wood. You should also avoid leaving electrical wiring exposed for long periods of time as rats may chew on them.

If you’re renovating an existing building, and there are existing pest issues, then deal with this first with safe pest control methods. You may think that doing renovations will take care of the problem, but this rarely works. The pest will simply move when disturbed and return when renovations are complete. The best thing that you can do is hire a pest control company to professionally remove these pests. This will ensure that renovations go smoothly and you are not disturbed.

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