Pest Control Birds Of Prey Combat Essex Pigeons

One of the easiest ways to get rid of pest birds like pigeons is with pest control birds of prey. As I’m sure you know, pigeons can be a serious menace. These birds can be a major nuisance to business customers. They are highly irritating, and leave a mess everywhere. Not only that, these birds can also spread disease and seriously damage buildings.

Pest Control Birds Of Prey

Most people consider pigeons to be vermin. And they need to be controlled. The most common way of getting rid of them are to use spike strips. You can also block off the spaces where they roost with bird netting. Other options include removing sources of food and water. Acoustic devices can also be used. These devices replicate distress calls. The birds will interpret these as a warning and will fly off.

The problem is though, that these are not always effective. Pigeons are highly invasive and will find a way to circumvent these methods. Over the years, pigeons have built up an a work around to these techniques. They will sometimes even ignore them and carry on regardless.

Other birds can also be classed as pests

Anyone who has been to Southend will know that Essex coastal pests like seagulls can interfere with your day out. These birds have almost no fear of humans. They are also extremely greedy. They will steal food right out of your hand. Plus, they have been known to steal other objects from humans.

seagull southend pest control

Seagulls are also unbelievably noisy. Even worse, it appears they are starting to move further inland in search of food. These birds are no longer just a problem for pest control in Southend.

In addition to this, many other birds can be classed as pests. These can include doves, sparrows, starling, crows, swallows, woodpeckers and even geese. All of these birds can become a nuisance in sufficient numbers. Geese can cause problems on golf courses. And starlings can be an issue in industrial areas.

The pest control birds of prey method

As we’ve said, bird deterrents are often ineffective. But, if you’re looking for a fool proof method for eliminating these pests, here it is. With trained predator birds, you can achieve your goal.

Removing birds with pest control birds of prey is an ancient technique which has been used for thousands of years. It is highly effective. And what’s great about this method is that’s it’s eco-friendly. It does not involve poisons, chemicals or devices of any kind. It can also be a lot cheaper than using other bird repellents.

pigeons in essex park

The most commonly used pest control birds of prey are hawks and falcons. The hark is one of the most fearsome bird predators in Britain.

How this method works is very simple

Hawks are not used to kill the pests birds. Instead they simply chase them away.

There are a number of different approaches used for different bird species. The bird handler will start by visiting the affected area. They will determine the best course of action.

What usually happens is that the predator birds are flown over the area. Depending on the severity of the problem, this can be several times a week, or even every day. These times will be varied so as not to establish a pattern. And also so that the pest birds do not get used to seeing hawks.

falcon used for pest control

The birds of prey technique has many benefits in terms of environmental pest control in Essex. As the control birds of prey fly over the area, pest birds will assume they are being hunted. This will scare them off and they will fly away.

While this method is natural and eco-friendly, this means it can take a lot longer to implement. It’s takes a while for the pest birds to learn that there are hawks in the area.

The downside is that after the hawk leaves, the birds will usually return. This is one of the drawbacks of the method. And because of this it can often take up to 3-5 years to completely eliminate them. Not everyone has the patience for this. That being said, it is a highly effective method.

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