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No one wants to deal with pests. The thought of crawling or flying pests invading your home is revolting. Lucky for you, this isn’t a problem that you have to handle yourself. Pest Exterminators Essex is the most reputable and reliable pest control company in the Dagenham area.

Our team routinely deals with even the most horrific pest infestations and invasions. We can handle anything you can throw at us. This includes eliminating all pests in your home such as rodents, cockroaches, bed bugs, ants, and more. All it takes is a quick phone call to our office, and our technicians will leap into action. 

Flawless pest control in Dagenham

Our team prides itself on the high level of service we’re able to provide. This is derived from our decades of combined experience and also the extensive training that we undergo. Using advanced pest control methods, we will clean your house from stem to stern. 100% of the pests in your home will be removed, leaving the house hygienically clean and free of all pests.

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You’ll marvel at the speed at which we’re able to do this. And also at the fact that pests are far too terrified to ever return. Yes, this type of service may cost a little bit extra, but in the end it’s certainly worth it. And unlike other fly by night operators, we have a fantastic reputation in the local area. It’s the type of reputation which you can trust implicitly, and depend on for a lifetime of service.

All varieties of pests are efficiently removed

One of the reasons why we’re so popular is because our team can handle any type of pest. Some Dagenham pest control companies only deal with rats or cockroaches or birds, but we handle everything. This gives us a wide range of experience when it comes to pest control. It also gives us the ability to quickly adapt to new situations, and handle unusual scenarios.

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Compare this to other pest control companies who do not even have a fraction of our experience.  What this also means is that we can exterminate pests with great speed. Our technicians are in and out before you even know we’ve arrived. The pests will have no idea what’s hit them and have no time to react and scatter.

Commercial Pest Control in Dagenham

We maintain even the largest commercial properties

As well as dealing with residential properties, our team also has the capability to handle large commercial buildings. This includes multi-story office buildings, large blocks of flats, hospitals, prisons you name it. Despite the size of these buildings, the job doesn’t take any longer. Our Dagenham team can perform the required extermination in a day or less, and get you back to running normally. Not only that, we understand the importance of discretion, and will do our very best not to disturb anyone.

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Pest Exterminators Essex provides a wide range of options for these jobs. In most cases we recommend that you take out a pest control contract. With a contract you will get access to on-going pest maintenance. This way your building is kept free of pests and they are prevented from breeding to the point of infestation.

If you need commercial pest control in Dagenham then you best option is to contact us. One of our technicians will visit your business and perform an inspection. From there we can determine what type of pest control you need and how often. Once this is done we can draw up a contract, and begin with routine pest maintenance.

Pest Exterminators Essex services include:

  • Proofing against external pests
  • Removal of bee and wasp nests
  • Rodent extermination and prevention
  • Insect extermination and prevention
  • Bird deterrent and management programmes
  • Fox and other wildlife control
  • Expert advice on pest prevention
  • Inspections and surveys
  • Personalised consultancy
  • Residential pest control services
  • Commercial pest control
  • Long term contractual plans
  • Property fumigation
  • Heat Treatments
  • Free quotations

Businesses we can help: