Pest Control Procedures That Keep You Safe

Many people are deeply concerned about pest control procedures being performed in their home. It’s easy to see why. Pest control requires the use of various chemicals and poisons that can be extremely harmful.  If you have pets or small children in your home, then these procedures could pose a serious risk to them.

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Even if you live alone, most people would prefer not to have poisons placed where they live and eat. For this reason, we take all the necessary precautions to keep you safe when implementing pest control procedures, especially in hospitality premises.

Staying safe with professional pest control procedures  

The key to staying safe during pest control procedures is to use professionals. Pest control is an extremely dangerous profession that involves daily exposure to all sorts of toxic compounds. For this reason, pest control technicians undergo extensive training. This enables them to safely handle all types of chemicals, poisons, and also traps. It also means that you are kept safe when these things are being used in your home, particularly when it comes to potential pest contamination in food.

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There are many ways in which we do this. For starters, poisons and chemicals are used in safe amounts. We only apply the bare minimum of poison necessary. Our technicians know how much should be applied in order to destroy pests, and keep you safe at the same time. We also know how long you have to stay out of the affected area. And also when it is safe to reenter the room or your home.

Staying extra safe with up-to-date and eco-friendly methods

Modern poisons and pest control chemicals are also highly advanced which is why professional pest control is always better than DIY. They are not as dangerous as they were in the past. This means that if you’re exposed, it’s not the end of the world. While you may suffer adverse effects, these are treatable. The same goes for traps. Modern bait traps are actually extremely safe. The trap itself is completely sealed, which means you never come into contact with the poison itself.

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If you’re especially worried about safety, then eco-friendly methods may be an option. These pest control procedures are even safer than the usual conventional methods. For example, one method of eco-friendly pest control is something known as humane traps. This is essentially a method where rodents are captured with traps that do not use any poisons.

By using these traps, instead of the traditional baits traps, you do not have to have poison in your home. We also have other eco-friendly methods available. These include things like heat treatments. This is a method of killing insects that also avoids the use of poisons and chemicals. If you would like to know more about these pest control procedures, feel free to contact us today.

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