Precautions To Take For Summer Moths

Summer months are painfully irritating and extremely destructive. Anyone who has had their wardrobe ruined, will know that. Not only is this devastating, but moths also target clothing which is expensive and valuable. This is why it’s so important that you take precautions against these pests. To help you out, here are a few tips for preventing this problem.

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How to prevent summer moths

There are hundreds of species of summer moths. But we don’t need to concern ourselves over the wonderfully named moths such as: the elephant hawk-moth, the hummingbird hawk-moth, the garden tiger moth and the jersey tiger moth. Fortunately, the majority of these moths live outdoors and are not a problem. The one that causes issues – and that you need to prevent – is the (aptly named) indoor common clothes moth.

At the start of winter in the colder months these moths lay eggs and then die. These eggs then hatch as it gets warmer. Eventually the larvae turn into caterpillars which chew through your clothing.  These summer moths eat through any natural material. This includes things like wool, silk, satin, leather and fur. The big problem is that you often don’t know this is happening until it’s too late. You store away your clothes for years and then when you want to wear something… well, it’s damaged beyond repair.

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This is why you must take precautions against these pests. Here are a few ways to do this. First of all, do not pack away your clothes and then forget about then. It’s extremely important that you routinely check on stored clothing. Failing to do this gives moths the chance to eat your clothing. You should also avoid simply hanging clothing in cupboards. It’s a good idea to place items in plastic clothing bags.

Ideally these should seal if you don’t want to end up calling in 24 hour pest control. You can also go one better and place your clothes in plastic containers. If you cannot do this, at least place them in bags or suitcases. Also, when storing your clothes, make sure they are clean. Summer moths are attracted to the dirt and sweat on clothing, so wash your clothes before packing them away.


At the start of summer, you should perform a thorough inspection so that you won’t need moth fumigation. Remove all clothing from cupboard and look for holes or the presence of moths. Moths may also have laid eggs on clothing, which you will not be able to see. This is why it’s a good idea to wash these clothes. Doing this will kill the eggs. Next, vacuum your cupboards thoroughly. You may also want to wipe them down with a cloth.

Finally, before packing clothes back, place anti moth deterrents. The best of these deterrents are moth pheromone traps. At the same time, it’s helpful to scatter moth balls around your cupboards.

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