Preventing Bed Bugs In Your Hotel Business

If you own or manage a hotel then preventing bed bugs is one of your most important tasks. As you probably already know, guests who are bitten by bed bugs are extremely irate. They will complain or even refuse to pay. They may also damage your reputation by telling other guests about your bugs.

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What’s more, there are dozens of instances where guests have sued the hotel because of bed bugs. Sometimes for millions of pounds. This is something no hotel manager can afford. Which is why bed bug control and preventing bed bugs is extremely important. But how do you do it? Here are some tips:

Tips for preventing bed bugs in your hotel 

Start by educating your staff. People who work in your hotel, especially cleaning staff, should understand what they are dealing with. Staff need to know how to spot bed bugs. Educate them on what they must to look for. Cleaners should be aware of things like dried blood on the mattress or bed sheets. They should also look out for the eggs, egg shells and skin shed by bed bugs. Also have them look for bed bug faecal matter which usually appears as dark brown spots which smear easily. Let them know that you must be immediately informed if any of these signs are spotted.

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Next, pay attention to customer complaints. If customers do complain then you should immediately act on this. Do not ignore the problem, otherwise it will escalate. The area should be sealed off and the room and bedding thoroughly cleaned. Along with this, the room must be thoroughly vacuumed and inspected for remaining bed bugs. You may also want to hire an exterminator. 

Hotels benefit from regular pest treatments

Finally, the best method for preventing bed bugs is to take out a pest control contract. When you do this, inform the pest control company that you are specifically concerned with bed bugs. They will then perform routine pest management in your hotel. This is usually done with something called heat treatments.

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Heat treatments are basically a pest control method where extreme temperatures are used to kill bugs. This method is 100% effective for preventing bed bugs. The room is treated with a superheated vapour which kills bed bugs on contact. No bug can survive this, and these treatments also destroy all larvae and eggs.

Another advantage is that no chemicals are used in this method. What this means is that the treatment will not interrupt your business. The room does not need to be aired out like with fumigation. In fact, you can have guests checking into the room as little as an hour or two after treatment.

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