Risks Of Using Unlicensed Pest Technicians

When it comes to hiring tradesmen, things like licensing, qualifications, insurance and certifications are extremely important. This is especially important when it comes to hiring a pest exterminator. It’s absolutely critical, that you do not hire unlicensed pest technicians. There are several reasons for this, as you will see below.

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Why hiring unlicensed pest technicians is dangerous

Many people never think about things like licenses which make a good pest company. They think that it doesn’t matter, and don’t bother to find out if the pest technician has a license. In most cases they simply assume the person has a license. Unfortunately, this absolutely does matter. You see, pest control is a little more complicated than other trades. The reason why is due to health and safety.

In most cases, getting rid of pests requires the use of extremely dangerous pesticides and chemicals. Technicians need to be use these responsibly and by a person who actually knows what they are doing. If the person does not have the required training, then things can go horribly wrong.

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For example, the pest controller may use too much or too little pesticide. This means that they won’t properly remove the pests. If they use too much there is a risk of poisoning for your household pets. The health of your family could also be compromised. This is why many people are now going for safer options that are toxin free, like heat treatments.

Why hiring unlicensed pest technicians will waste your time

Something else that people do not think about is disposal. If you hire unlicensed pest technicians that aren’t BPCA members, then they may not know how to dispose of the pesticides correctly. This could potentially cause damage to the environment. You also have to wonder why the person does not have a license. It’s more than likely because of a professional complaint or because they did something wrong in the past. It could also be because they were involved in criminal activity or something unsavoury.


There are also other drawbacks to hiring unlicensed pest technicians. They may not be up to date on things like training. They may not have the proper equipment needed or have old and out of date equipment.

On the other hand, licensed technicians are usually better all around. A good example of this is customer care and follow ups, and things like up to date training. A licensed technician will also have insurance.

This is highly important in the event that something goes wrong. All in all, hiring a qualified and licensed technician will provide you with greater peace of mind. It will also ensure that the job is done right the first time. The bottom line is that licenses are extremely important, and under no circumstance should unlicensed pest technicians be hired.

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