Signs Your Hotel Has Bed Bugs

The overwhelming majority of people who get bed bugs pick them up from hotel rooms. You might think that it’s only cheap hotels that have these bugs, but this isn’t actually true. Even the most expensive five star resorts have bed bug problems. But how do you know if your hotel has bed bugs? More specifically, what can you do about this?

The biggest signs your hotel has bed bugs

It’s extremely important that you know if your hotel has bed bugs. If these bugs are found it can completely destroy the reputation of your business. You’ll have to deal with irate guests who may demand refunds or even free rooms. These people could even leave negative reviews online. This is something you’ll certainly want to avoid.

hotel has bed bugs

So, what are the signs that your hotel has bed bugs? Obviously, one of the biggest signs of these bugs is guests who complain about them. Along with this, you may spot other things.

These include:

  • Spots on the mattress or bedding. These spots are usually a shade of red. They are caused by the bugs feeding on your guests and are about an eighth of an inch in diameter. You may also see black or brown spots caused by the bed bugs droppings.
  • Eggs and egg casings. These are 1mm long and have an elongated shape. They may appear to be stuck to the mattress.
  • Discarded skin. As bed bugs grow, they shed their skin. This often manifests as brown flakes.
  • Physical sightings. If the problem is particularly bad you will actually see the bugs themselves. These are about the size of an orange seed and have a flat body.
  • Large numbers of bed bugs can emit a sickly-sweet aroma.

Who will spot and deal with bed bugs if they are found?

The best thing that you can do is train your staff to lookout for these signs to prevent bed bugs. All housekeeping staff should be on permanent bed bug patrol. When making beds they should inspect for these insects. Each bed should be completely stripped, and all areas looked at.

Something else your staff can do is slide a thin card around gaps near the bed (such as the headboard). This should help to dislodge any bugs that may be hiding. You may also want to instruct staff to check around and beneath the bed with a torch.


If your hotel has bed bugs, then staff should report this immediately. From there, management can decide what to do. Our recommendation is that you call a good pest control service and request heat treatments. This is one of the easiest ways to remove these pests. What’s more, it doesn’t use chemicals and also kills all bed bugs, plus their eggs and larvae. Because there are no chemicals, the disruption is minimal, and the room can be used almost immediately after.


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