Spotlight On Essex Coastal Pest Control

Having problems with pests in a town or village by the Essex coast? This spotlight on Essex coastal pest control will provide answers to your most pressing pest problems. If you live in the Southend, Leigh on Sea, Clacton or Canvey Island areas, this guide can help you deal with any pest issues that you may have.

Coastal pest control: What you need to know

Just like in urban areas, the coast is also plagued by pests. Essex has all of the usual suspects. These include rats, mice, ants, cockroaches, fleas and bed bugs. And of course, foxes are also a big problem.

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The biggest difference between urban and coastal pests is that coastal pests are more wild. They have more space to roam around, and are not constricted by space like your urban pests. This means coastal pest control methods often need to be more aggressive and thorough. Pests that live by the coast can be pretty hardy. And in rural areas are far more tenacious and need a heavy hand.

Another issue which is unique to coastal areas are seagulls.

Coastal pest control: Problems with common pests

Seagulls can be a major problem for businesses by the sea and need serious bird control in some cases.

They are notorious for being thieves. These pests have absolutely no shame and no fear whatsoever. As many times as you chase them off, they usually return immediately. They will swoop down and steal food in the blink of an eye, whether it’s in your hand or on a table. Gulls will also steal other items like clothes and valuables.

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These birds also have extremely loud cries. And depending on how many there are, this can be extremely off putting. Seagull nests can also pose a threat to building infrastructure. Their nests are enormous and extremely heavy. They often use roofing materials to build their nests and this can cause major damage to buildings.

What’s more, their faeces contain acid which is corrosive to buildings. In addition to this their nests and feathers can block gutters and can cause further damage. Whether you need pest control in Southend or live in Clacton or Canvey Island, Pest Exterminators have a solution for every individual situation.

As well as stealing food from people, these birds will also raid rubbish bins. With their long beaks, they can easily get into bins. Their beaks are also sharp which enables them to rip open and raid bin bags.

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If you run a business by the seaside then you will already know all about this. Maybe you’ve already had complaints from your customers and thought about calling in a coastal pest control expert. In addition to being thieves, seagulls are also known for defecating all over the place. What’s truly horrible about these birds is that they will often do this mid-air, and their faeces often lands on people.

Coastal pest control: What can you do about seagulls?

What’s unfortunate about these birds is that, believe it or not, they actually have legal protection. The wildlife and countryside act means that you cannot injure or kill gulls. What’s more, you’re not allowed to destroy their nests and eggs.

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That being said, there are times when you are allowed to control these birds. Although you will need a licence for this. All that you can really do is deter and repel the gulls from the area. You are also allowed to prevent them from nesting.

If you’re trying to get rid of these birds, there are a few things you can do. Start by keeping your bins secure. Make sure they have lids and that the gulls cannot open these lids and get into the bin. Clear up any rubbish or food waste immediately and never leave black bags lying outside. You basically want the birds to learn that your business is not a source of food.

You can also install spiked strips on top of your building. This should deter the birds from landing and building nests.

Remember, you cannot harm seagulls directly, and they are very hard to get rid of. Due to this, it’s always better to consult a coastal pest control expert instead of dealing with these birds yourself!

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